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University of Melbourne exam ‘secrets’ come out in court

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“Universities hoping to keep past exam materials secret by invoking the public interest have been warned they will usually lose in court. Legal academic Jim Jackson said he was surprised to see the University of Melbourne resist the release of exam marking guides all the way to Victoria’s Supreme Court, which rejected Melbourne’s appeal last week …” (more)

[Bernard Lane, Australian Higher Education, 3 September]

University sector needs an audit

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“The crisis in our universities is not about to be solved by a freeze on recruitment alone. The core of the problem appears to lie somewhere among the existing jobs rather than new ones. Two universities have announced a moratorium on new appointments and others are considering similar moves. This comes at a time when the Government is planning to investigate work practices in universities, with particular reference to the rapid growth in the number of senior, well-paid administrative posts …” (more)

[Independent, 3 September]

Jobs freeze looms as pay cuts ‘panic’ grips colleges

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“A new HSE-style jobs freeze looms for the university sector as it struggles to cope with the Government’s pay-cut demands. Two universities have already imposed a jobs embargo and others may have to leave posts vacant because of a cash crisis that has been described as provoking “near panic”. But one senior administrator said a complete embargo would not work as students would sue if lectures could not be delivered because of unfilled teaching posts …” (more)

[John Walshe, Independent, 3 September]