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Bad and mad: the FOI requests undermining our independence

Posted in Legal issues with tags , on 12 September 2008 by Steve

“Universities are communities that love finding answers to questions. Those answers may save lives, help a business, overthrow a paradigm, or they can simply be interesting and inspiring. Although that is what they were created and funded to explore, we now live in an age where this is not enough. Now there is a law that obliges universities to address even more questions. But what more could our legislators want universities to answer? What powerful but supposedly neglected questions could there be that require the law itself to bend university resources to the task of answering them? Welcome to the strange world of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act request …” (more)

[Jon Baldwin, Times Higher Education, 11 September]

Third-level tuition fees decision put on ice for a year

Posted in Fees and access with tags , on 12 September 2008 by Steve

“No Government decision about the return of third level tuition fees will be taken for at least a year, Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe said last night. He said his role was to bring all of the challenges involved to the government. Although he personally favours the return of fees he said that it will be up to the Government to take the decision on whether or not there should be a full or partial return of tuition fees …” (more)

[John Walshe, Independent, 11 September]

Supporting Postgrad Supervisors

Posted in teaching with tags on 12 September 2008 by Steve

“As most of you probably know, there is an emphasis in Irish higher education at the moment on 4th Level (which to the rest of Europe is the 3rd cycle, or postgraduate level of education). Partly this stems from the larger amounts of funding that universities receive from the government for PhD students; partly it is a matter of prestige for universities to churn out high calibre PhDs; and partly it is tied up in the knowledge economy with its focus on high-level skills … (more)

[Kelly Coate, Summa cum laude, 11 September]