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TCD smoothes over problem

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“The traditional cobblestones of Trinity College’s picturesque quadrangles are to be smoothed down to improve wheelchair access. An original plan proposed the complete replacement of large areas of the cobblestones, but this has been rejected as too disruptive to the character of the grounds. Conditional permission has been given to a scaled-down plan which will see diagonal paths of smooth stones laid into the grounds. The paths will criss-cross the main areas of the campus, providing a cobble-free network for those with reduced mobility …” (more)

[Caitrina Cody, Independent, 10 November]

Overseas students put off by our tarnished image

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“Ireland’s reputation as a quality location for international study leaves much to be desired: as a result it is failing to take advantage of quite a special opportunity. Why special? Because international students are increasingly seeking out English-speaking countries, and, of course, the only two options available in Europe are the UK or Ireland. But the UK is winning hands down …” (more)

[Edward Walsh, Independent, 10 November]

University sports

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“The former Harvard University President, Derek Bok, commented in his book Universities in the Marketplace that the creeping commercialisation of higher education that he so disliked began with the development of sports in universities. As is well known, in the United States many universities give special prominence to athletes and sportsmen and women, and some of them are able to enter their chosen institution without necessarily having the required academic qualifications. Organisations such as the University Sports Program exist to help athletes find an institution that best suits their sporting abilities and interests. Universities in Ireland (and Britain) have now also begun to take a much greater interest in sport …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 9 November]