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Money still talks for pupils hoping to study at Trinity

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“Grind and fee-paying schools continue to dominate the league of feeder schools to the third level sector, the latest figures reveal. They confirm that money still talks when it comes to going to university, re-igniting the debate about how wealthier parents can buy advantage by selecting schools with more resources. The latest figures from the Leaving Certificate class of 2008 show just where Trinity College is getting its latest batch of undergraduates …” (more)

[Fergus Black, Independent, 27 November]

DCU plans cutting edge indoor facility

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“A 10,000-seater, fully enclosed GAA stadium, equipped with cutting-edge technology, is just part of a bold new €15m development DCU authorities are looking to construct in St Clare’s on Dublin’s northside. It is envisaged the centre — which is subject to planning approval –will include a running track, transparent roof and technology that would place the centre as a world leader in the area of sports performance analysis …” (more)

[Donnchadh Boyle, Independent, 27 November]

Professor reinstated via appeal court

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“A university that suspended a professor on the basis of ‘extremely weak’ allegations of racism has been forced to reinstate him by the Court of Appeal. Robert Watson, professor of financial management at Durham Business School, was suspended in December 2007 following accusations that he had harassed staff and made racist comments. Professor Watson said he had simply been trying to raise concerns about Tony Antoniou, former dean of Durham Business School, whose PhD was found to contain plagiarism and who was sacked from his post earlier this year. Following what are claimed to have been complaints about Professor Watson’s behaviour, Durham took the decision to investigate the validity of Professor Watson’s own PhD, contacting libraries and consulting public databases …” (more)

[Rebecca Attwood, Times Higher Education, 27 November]

Watchdog wants BNP to be denied right to teach

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“Members of the British National Party (BNP) working in universities should not be allowed direct contact with students, the higher education equality watchdog has said. Several higher education staff were among BNP members whose details were recently leaked on the internet. Nicola Dandridge, chief executive of the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU), said this week that while ‘primacy of freedom of speech is fundamental’, universities had legal obligations to promote good race relations on campus. ‘It is hard to see how institutions can reconcile their duty to promote good race relations with staff being members of the BNP. Institutions may therefore consider that it is inappropriate for BNP members to have teaching and/or pastoral care responsibilities, or other direct contact with students,’ she said …” (more)

[Melanie Newman, Times Higher Education, 27 November]

Is education a luxury or a right?

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“I watched with admiration as students protested recently about plans to bring in fees for third level schools, I wasn’t pleased because of their motivation, but rather the fact that we got them out on the streets en mass. For a long time students have seemed to morph into a different creature, they had cars and better gadgets than me (there is an element of jealousy in this post!), they went on more foreign holidays than I did too, and seemed to have more disposable income. I accept that the bit I don’t see is that most of them balance education with a working life …” (more)

[Karl Deeter, Irish Mortgage Brokers Blog, 27 November]

Which university/college files most research patents?

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“Apparently, it’s NUI Galway. Or at least, it is for patent applications. They told me they filed 30 patent applications last year, beating UCD’s 28, TCD’s 24, DCU’s 24 and DIT’s 6 …” (more)

[YourTechStuff, 26 November]