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Academics and pay cuts

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“Associate Professor of Finance at TCD, Dr. Brian Lucey, was on Nightly News with Vincent Browne (TV3) tonight saying he would not mind taking a pay cut as he’s a very well paid public sector worker and can afford to do so. Of course he also thinks others should follow his lead. I imagine it might be a bit frosty in Senior Common Room tomorrow as he takes his coffee …” (more)

[Maman Poulet, 6 January]

Latest threat to student health: trolls and orcs

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“World of Warcraft, the online game, is under attack for causing students to drop out. The game, in which you create your own character – an orc, a troll, a dwarf or a human – and join others to defeat enemies in the mythical land of Azeroth, is topping sales charts in the US, but its makers are receiving publicity they could do without, thanks to Deborah Taylor Tate at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Tate says: ‘You might find it alarming that one of the top reasons for college drop-outs in the US is online gaming addiction – such as World of Warcraft – which is played by 11 million individuals worldwide,’ she said in a speech …” (more)

[Ravi Somaiya, Guardian, 6 January]

The role of the university in city/regional development

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“A view from a Vice-Chancellor in Bristol. The entry has been kindly prepared for us by Professor Eric Thomas, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol. Professor Thomas has been Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol since 2001 …” (more)

[GlobalHigherEd, 5 January]