It’s Time to End ‘Courseocentrism’

“At a time when amazing new forms of connectivity are made possible by new digital technologies and when much of the best recent work in the humanities has made us more aware of the social and collective nature of intellectual work, we still think of teaching in ways that are narrowly private and individualistic, as something we do in isolated classrooms with little or no knowledge of what our colleagues are doing in the next classroom or the next building and little chance for each other’s courses to become reference points in our own. Indeed, we betray our assumption that teaching is by nature a solo act in our unreflecting use of ‘the classroom’ as a synecdoche or shorthand for all teaching and learning, as if ‘the way we teach now’ were reducible to ‘the way I teach now.’…” (more)

[Gerald Graff, Inside Higher Ed, 13 January]

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