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Our mission is – well, what?

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“During the recent strategic planning exercise in Dublin City University, I did a presentation in which I set out a number of mission statements from a variety of universities. Some of the universities were old – ancient, indeed – some were new, some were teaching-intensive, some research intensive, some were in major cities, some served sparsely population regions. I produced the mission statements, and in a separate order, the names of the universities; I then asked those present to see whether they could correctly link the universities to their missions. And of course they couldn’t – these statements were entirely interchangeable. They all said they wanted their institution to be as good as you could imagine in teaching, research, community engagement and innovation; or some such stuff. Some were able to say this quite snappily, some needed several paragraphs and long words …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 18 January]

Holocaust denier to speak in NUIG!!

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“I’m just out of a politics lecture and at the start of it the head of the university literary and debating society came in to tell us that internationally renowned scumbag fascist dick and holocaust-denier David Irving has ‘expressed an interest in speaking at NUIG’. There’s a debate next Thursday at 7 o’clock to discuss whether or not he should be allowed to. It will be followed by a secret ballot by all there to decide the matter. I for one will be in the middle of it …” (more)

[Guilty!, Eirecore, 16 January]

Universities must fight for ‘stimulus’ cash

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“Before Christmas, European Union heads of government approved a major economic stimulus package, designed to pump €200 billion (US$263.5 billion) into European economies, mainly from national government budgets (around €170 billion) but with the EU and the European Investment Bank releasing an additional €30 billion. Research is top of the list of priorities for new public spending …” (more)

[Keith Nuthall, University World News, 18 January]

Whose interests should universities serve?

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“The expert panel for the review of Australian higher education has recommended changes to improve the sector’s service to most students and the general community, and has concentrated remediation on the groups under-represented in higher education and the rural areas that are under-served and under-represented. Promoters of the universities with the biggest research budgets, including Marginson, want the government to support their aspiration to join the international research top league. This serves the interests of top researchers and the elite universities chosen for special government support, but it is not clear that it would serve the general community. What evidence is there that trickle down works any better for research than it does for general economic development? …” (more)

[Keith Nuthall, University World News, 18 January]