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An Invite to all those who support Irving (NUIG)

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“As NUIG’s Literary and Debating Society has decided to allow David Irving to speak, this is the perfect opportunity for those people who support his views or who are of his ilk to come to NUIG and get acquainted with those who don’t like him. We all know the debate with David Irving will not be about his verbal diarrhoea, it will be solely concerned with whether those dogs and scum who support his fascist views will be man enough to show their faces to those who are waiting for them …” (more)

[Indymedia Ireland, 24 January]

148 Irish academics issue call for EU to cut links with Israel

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“In a letter published today, Friday, 23rd January in the Irish Times, over 140 Irish academics from a wide variety of disciplines called for a moratorium on EU support of Israeli academic institutions until Israel abides by UN resolutions and ends the occupation of Palestinian territories. The letter was organised in response to the Israeli attack on Gaza and the Palestinian call for an academic and cultural boycott. The letter demands that the EU cease funding collaborative projects with Israeli institutions and ‘and an end to the EU’s practice of treating Israel as a European state for the purposes of awarding grants and contracts’ …” (more)

[Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 23 January]

Canadian College Get Funding from Irish Government

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“I can understand why the government is making cut-backs. We’re broke. They mismanaged the boom. It’s all gone down the swanny. We need to cut a few corners. Fine. No point in moaning about anymore – although a good rant is always satisfying, I’ll avoid that here. This time. Anyway, to the point … To summarise the piece in the link, the Irish Government are funding a small college in Canada to put a second Professor of Gaeilge on the staff. After that initial statement the article/press release goes on to list details of a program that the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, Eamonn O’Cuiv implemented in 2006. Basically a €300,000 per annum fund can be applied to by any institute with a track record in Irish studies who want expand their Irish studies courses. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the promotion of Gaeilge abroad in conjunction with reputable institutes …” (more)

[Mark Coughlan, 24 January]

Theologian refuses UCC debate invite over decision on stem-cell research

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“A former professor of moral theology at St Patrick’s College Maynooth has turned down an invitation to take part in a debate held by the UCC Philosophical Society next Monday. Fr Vincent Twomey said it ‘evidently supports the policy of your university to allow stem-cell research on human embryos which, of its nature, involves the killing of children in the earliest stages of their development’. The invitation last Tuesday said the motion for debate would be ‘That this house would allow homosexual couples to adopt’ and that society members would be delighted if Fr Twomey was willing to speak in opposition …” (more)

[Patsy McGarry, Irish Times, 24 January]