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David Irving (Fascist and Holocaust denier) to speak at NUIG

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“David Irving has been invited to speak at NUI Galway’s Literary and Debating Society. The fascist and Holocaust denier David Irving has been invited by the Literary and Debating Society (Lit & Deb) to attend a debate at NUI Galway on the 19th March. The invitation was granted after an initial debate last Thursday as to whether Irving would be allowed speak. A vote was held after this debate, with the result: 100 for and 63 against inviting Irving. It is unclear whether it was Lit & Deb who approached Irving or if it was Irving who offered to speak. If it was Irving’s offer, it shows how intent he is to speak, especially on prestigious university platforms. In March 2008, the UCC Philosoph invited Irving but the debate was cancelled due to protests and the campaigning of the Stop Irving Campaign. Unlike UCC, this debate will focus directly on Irving’s views on the Holocaust, not just free speech. The motion will probably be of the form: ‘That This House believes the Holocaust happened’ …” (more)

[Indymedia Ireland, 25 January]

Fr Vincent Twomey refuses to debate at UCC: Act of principle or act of cowardice?

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“Whatever happened to Vatican II’s call to dialogue with the ‘modern’ world? Or fortitude and standing up for the good and the true? Is this refusal to debate at UCC an act of principle or a craven act of cowardice? You decide …” (more)

[Iona Catholic, 25 January]

Tuition Fees may be inevitable … and what would be the harm?

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“When Batt O’Keefe first moved into Marlborough Street his people took a long hard look at how the department was funded. It is obvious that the Government had in its sights root and branch funding reforms in certain departments for some time. Moving Hannifin may not just have been a political necessity it may well have been a budgetary one as well …” (more)

[Tallyman, 25 January]

The University of Europe: accessible to all

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“Universities in Europe are looking to embrace a new form of learning, called open content, which could blow away the division between university students and the rest of the population. In the UK, the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and the Higher Education Academy are launching a £5.7 million (US$7.9 million) pilot scheme to investigate the impact of open content and to look at issues of how to contextualise existing online material so anyone can make sense of it. Several European academics are already experimenting and the European Commission has expressed interest. Malcolm Read, executive secretary of JISC, says he wants to find out how many lecturers are willing to put their course material up for open debate and how difficult it will be to contextualise the material …” (more)

[Mandy Garner, University World News, 25 January]

Ban sex between lecturers and students?

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“When Professor Istvan Pogany, 57, began a consensual relationship with one of his students at Britain’s University of Warwick, he did what many would consider ‘good practice’ and informed his line manager. But the student, who is in her 30s, then fell pregnant and her subsequent anguished decision to have an abortion led to lurid headlines that raised the question again whether intimate relationships between academics and students should be more strongly discouraged, or even prohibited. Warwick, like many other universities, has struggled with this highly complex issue for years and is continually seeking to improve its response …” (more)

[Paul Rigg, University World News, 25 January]