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Crucial national demonstration on 4 February – FEE needs your help to build for it!

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“It is now crystal clear that the government will attempt to bring in some form of student fees (quite possibly from Sept 09). Batt O’Keeffe has indicated that he will bring such a proposal to the cabinet towards the start of April. Therefore, the building of a movement of students, linking up with college workers and school students, is essential if we want to defeat this plan and maintain a right to free fees. The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has called a national demonstration for Wednesday week (4 February) at 1.30pm at the Garden of Remembrance. This is an absolutely crucial protest in the building of a movement to defeat fees. A turnout of over 20,000, plus a strategy of building a movement flowing from that in the local colleges can begin the process of knocking the government back …” (more)

[Emma Beckett, Indymedia, 26 January]


“Science in Ireland: State of the Nation”

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“The ‘Science in Ireland: State of the Nation’ webinar which was sponsored by Science Foundation Ireland took place on December 10 2008. The webinar looked at what policy decisions have been taken to deliver on the Irish Government’s vision that ‘Ireland by 2013 will be internationally renowned for the excellence of its research, be at the forefront in generating and using new knowledge for economic and social progress, within an innovation-driven culture’, considered the progress made to date, the funding and research opportunities in industry and academia in Ireland, and the potential growth sectors. The webinar also considered the challenges and opportunities facing the Irish scientific community …” (more)

[Education Ireland, 26 January]

What is a University?

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“A recent post on University blog about Newman’s Idea of a University led me to reflect on what a university is – a question that relates to previous ponderings on how we project a more positive image of English higher education, which pre-supposes that we have a clear idea of what we are here to do …” (more)

[Intersecting Sets, 26 January]

Newman’s university

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“Just over two months ago, on November 17, was the 150th anniversary of the resignation of John Henry Newman (later Cardinal Newman) as Rector of the Catholic University of Ireland. Newman was the founding Rector of the university, which had opened its doors to students four years earlier in November 1854. Without going into the details here, today’s University College Dublin traces its roots back to Newman’s original enterprise on Stephen’s Green, Dublin. John Henry Newman was a remarkable man: a theologian, priest (in two different denominations), philosopher, educationalist, scholar and poet, who had a profound influence on opinions and events of his time, both in England and in Ireland …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 26 January]

Sustainable ICT in UK Universities

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“The UK JISC (providing ICT services for universities) has issued ‘Sustainable ICT in Further and Higher Education: SusteIT Final Report’ by Peter James and Lisa Hopkinson (14 January 2009). This estimates that UK universities and colleges have 1,470,000 computers, 250,000 printers and 240,000 servers, and will produce an electricity bill of £116m and cause 0.5Mt of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2009 …” (more)

[Tom Worthington, Net Traveller, 26 January]