Call for mobilisations in European universities March 18-20

“We do not want any ‘market of knowledge’! Call for a European mobilisation against the Lisbon strategy in higher education and research. The next spring summit of the heads of state and governments of the European union will take place on March 19th‐20th, 2009. One of its priorities will be the assessment of the Lisbon strategy initiated in 2000, which frames the policies currently engaged in the Member States so as to ‘modernise’ the national research and education system (primary, secondary and higher education, lifelong learning). The declared ambition of a ‘knowledge‐based society’ should be encouraged, as far as it consists in a collective ambition to promote education and research as public goods, a guarantee of democratisation of knowledge, and an opportunity for citizens to possibly criticise scientific and technical choices. But the current orientation is different …” (more)

[Counter-Cartographies Collective, 31 January]

One Response to “Call for mobilisations in European universities March 18-20”

  1. malik shoaib Says:

    please give me a detailed information that how i can get admission in this university

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