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Academics strike over job status

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“Universities throughout France are set to close tomorrow, Monday 2 February, with lecturers starting an unlimited strike unless the government withdraws proposals to change their statute of employment. President Nicolas Sarkozy enraged researchers further by describing the national system of research as ‘disastrous’. The government’s Universities’ Freedoms and Responsibilities Law (LRU) transfers control over staff recruitment, salaries and tenure to university managements … Under the legislation a contentious decree amends the 1984 law that fixed the statutory conditions covering employment of university personnel, giving university presidents the right in future to ‘adjust’ their conditions of service …” (more)

[Jane Marshall, University World News, 1 February]

Bridging the gender divide?

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“Finland’s university sector is preparing for its biggest shake up in decades, including a number of university mergers that could alter the gender divide. A merger between Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Art and Design is to be Finland’s tilt at establishing a ‘world class university’. The new institution will receive more state funding than other Finnish universities and have a different governance structure. This is not the only merger proposed within the higher education sector but it is the one that has created the most interest. The system restructuring takes effect from 1 January next year. There has been considerable interest in the progress of the new university, initially as to its name. Following a period of being known as the ‘innovative university’, its official name became Aalto University in May 2008, after Finland’s greatest 20th century architect Alvar Aalto …” (more)

[Ian Dobson, University World News, 1 February]

National Demonstration for Free Education

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“National demonstration February 25th 2009. This academic year could see the lifting of the £3,000 cap on tuition fees in higher education. Meanwhile, student debt and poverty are already spiralling, students face soaring costs of living, and the market dominates our education system from school to college to university … That is why we, students’ union officers and student activists, are organising a national demonstration, around the following demands:

* No raising of the cap on top-up fees; halt and reverse the growth in international students’ fees; abolish all fees in HE and FE – free education for all;

* A living grant for every student over 16 – at least £150 a week; and a living wage for nursing and other students who have to work as part of their course;

* Stop and reverse marketisation in our schools, colleges and universities – tax the rich and corporations to fund education …” (more)

[Rikowski’s Weblog, 31 January]