FF delegates support, eh, the ‘free fees initiative’

“Ah, democracy. On the face of it, UCD’s FF branch had a reasonably solid resolution calling for the Minister to Education to ‘maintain the “free fees initiative”’. But speaking in support of the measure, Naas delegate Kevin Dillon said maybe they could look at a graduate tax, which would be ‘fair’ and ‘maintain our competitiveness’. I suppose the phrase “free fees initiative” in quotation marks technically refers to the current situation where the State pays students’ course fees. It’s a technical phrase that allows the party to appear to support free third level education while introducing a graduate tax would make college education even more expensive …” (more)

[Yellow Roman Candles, 28 February]


One Response to “FF delegates support, eh, the ‘free fees initiative’”

  1. Martin Mc Cathy Says:

    I also noted the fianna fail delegates telling the TDs take another pay cut and passed at their ard fheis. Makes me wonder who the gangsters really are. I dont think fine gael people know who is their leader. Enda kenney makes a speech (another blue shirt) leaves before him to get to the media and say some thing totally different. I am seriously thinking of voting fianna fail in the next general election for the first time. Have a look at the state of the opposition parties.

    We had the deputy leader of the so called labour party a gang who never helped the working class through the troubles and some of thir new found members who came from other parties shrouded in corruption and fraud money. When i heard her quoting some poem in refereance to oliver cromwell it made me wonder what part of the island we are living on.

    I think some of the opposition party members would want to seek proffesinnol help. Look at Micael D at his age carrying on Rember emmett stag in the phoneix park in 1997 warned numerous times by the gardai what was he doing there. look at the fine gaeler blue shirt doctor financing the injections for the young girls and a big pr company from dublin behind him publisising it ha ha ha people wud do any thing to top the poll.

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