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TCD-UCD Innovation Partnership: a cottage industry perhaps?

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“… The most significant aspect of the announcement, in my view, is the focus on innovation as an equal core part of their mission as universities alongside both research and education. They have set themselves an ambitious target of creating at least 300 new companies of scale, and of high value, by 2019. They will jointly offer new facilities for pre-competitive research and design, prototyping and process innovation – to help harness and commercialise new ideas, knowledge and inventions. They also promise to prioritise the establishment of a wider support framework of educational, legal, financial, technical, management and marketing capabilities and support needed to set good new business ideas on their way. I strongly believe that an overall national policy objective should primarily be fostering dynamic young companies based in Ireland …” (more)

[Chris Horn’s blog, 13 March]

UCD and TCD Innovation Alliance is about nurturing nation’s talent

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“This week’s announcement by Trinity College Dublin and UCD of a groundbreaking Innovation Alliance sets out a vision to establish Ireland as an international hub for innovation. Our decision to create the Innovation Alliance has to be seen in the context of an urgent national need to turn talent into jobs. It is accepted that the country is in crisis. What is taking a little longer to sink in is that recovery is not going to be about business as usual. Instead, when recovery comes, every institution of the State, public and private, will emerge in a different form. As a nation we can wait to see what emerges, but this would be folly, as ours is not the only economy in a stressed state. Other nations, similarly afflicted, are likewise assessing the bases for success in their economies. Some have the luxury of other resources – Ireland does not …” (more)

[John Hegarty and Hugh Brady, Irish Times, 14 March]

‘It’s an erosion of education’

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“Universities across the country are warning of imminent redundancies among teaching staff as the recession deepens, leaving some students concerned that their degrees may be placed at risk. As the economic crisis continues to take its toll on banks and companies across the globe, several universities in the UK are now admitting they too are struggling financially, leaving many institutions with little choice but to cut staff numbers, potentially damaging students’ education. London Metropolitan University announced at the start of the year that it would be making ‘a significant reduction in the number of staff it employs’ in order to help it pay back the government for three years’ worth of erroneous over-funding, as well as cope with a £15m reduction in its budget. It recently emerged that as many as 550 people – or one in four staff members – could lose their jobs …” (more)

[Huma Qureshi, Guardian, 14 March]

Axing Seanad is just one way to save us

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“Thirty years ago, we had a referendum on ‘reform’ of the Seanad. The proposition, to give an existing or future government the untrammelled power to change the arrangements for university representation, passed easily. The poll was low, and the number who voted ‘no’ was tiny. I was one of the minority, for the simple reason that I refused to buy a pig in a poke. But then I started, as Eddie Hobbs might say, to think to myself. Why should we have university representation? Why should we have an upper house of parliament at all? From time to time since then, I have advocated the abolition of the Seanad and I’m glad to see that so many people have taken up the cause …” (more)

[James Downey, Independent, 14 March]

Queen’s opens £2m laboratory

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“Queen’s University has officially opened a £2million state-of-the-art pharmacy laboratory aimed at discovering new drugs for diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The John A King Medicinal Chemistry Research Laboratories at the university’s School of Pharmacy opened today after receiving a £2m donation from Dr King, the former chief executive of pharmaceutical company Warner Chilcott. The new lab will facilitate a multi-national team working to find new ways to help the treatment and diagnosis of dementias and diseases that impair memory like Alzheimer’s …” (more)

[Chrissie McGlinchey, Belfast Telegraph, 13 March]

Shannon College is now fully incorporated into NUI Galway

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“Speaking last week at the Shannon college’s spring conferring, President of NUI Galway, Dr James J. Browne commented on the university’s commitment to supporting economic, industrial, social and cultural development in its region and nationally. Referring to the incorporation of Shannon College to the university, Dr Browne said, ‘I am happy to report that in the light of its very positive relationship with Shannon College over the years, NUI Galway is very happy to give its full support to the recent request of the college that it be fully incorporated into NUI Galway, under the Universities Act. Following intensive discussions, a detailed formal proposal is currently being examined by the Higher Education Authority. The integration of Shannon College with NUI Galway would, needless to say, be carried through in a manner which recognises and preserves the particular valued ethos and identity of Shannon College and which also maximises the mutual educational and research benefits of the existing synergy between the two institutions …’” (more)

[Clare Courier, 10 March]