The Governance and Administration of Irish Universities

Ireland“There are seven universities in the Republic of Ireland, with a combined annual budget in excess of one billion euro. While the sources of their funds vary from one institution to another, it is estimated that more than ninety percent of their combined budgets is derived from public sources. Given the significant public funds involved, the way in which universities are governed and administered should be a significant issue for public debate. Regrettably, there has been little public debate to date of the effectiveness with which Irish universities are governed, and of the day-to-day administration of a major national public resource. The issues involved fall naturally into two groups: the legal and statutory framework within which universities operate, which is discussed below in Part I; and the political and administrative structures in which the universities operate, which is outlined in Part II. Finally, Part III offers a brief review of what happens when things go wrong …” (more)

[Watchdog on Higher Education in Ireland, 23 April]

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