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The fees, oh the fees

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Ireland“A ghra gheal mo chroi, indeed it’s far from a song of praise many students and their parents are singing with Minister O’Keeffe flagging the return of Third Level fees. He may well have to whistle another tune such will be the wave of protest on this vexatious issue, rising to a crescendo from the brooding rumblings already heard so far. The Minister and some commentators seek to express the argument in simplistic language such as ‘the wealthy should pay their own expenses’ or ‘a person of a salary of 100K plus (not including expenses) should not benefit from fees’. Yes Minister, you are right. But many, if not most, would differ on your definition of wealth. It certainly does not describe the middle-income bracket. This has been well described as the ‘coping classes’ who are taking most of the recent spate of levies. The government will seek to suck even more from this sector with little left to give …” (more)

[Joe Falvey, Munster Express, 24 April]

The Bologna Process – reforming universities in the next decade

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EU“On 28 and 29 April, Ministers responsible for higher education from 46 European countries will meet in Leuven and Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, to take stock of the achievements of the Bologna Process, set a new agenda, and agree priorities for the European Higher Education Area for the next decade up to 2020. Reflecting the huge interest from countries outside Europe in the reforms taking place in the European Higher Education Area, for the first time a ‘Bologna Policy Forum’ will take place between the 46 countries participating in the Process and 20 countries from outside Europe …” (more)

[EU Press Release, 22 April]

EU is Ireland’s best friend, says student group

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Ireland“Europe is ‘the best friend Ireland ever had’, according to a new pro-Lisbon campaign group launched in Dublin yesterday. Calling itself Generation Yes, the organisation of college students and graduates was armed with the slogan ‘EU – a safe harbour in the financial storm’ aimed at encouraging Ireland’s youth to vote Yes in a future referendum on the treaty. Using new media options like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, text messaging and its own website, the group says it will ‘outline really clear and understandable’ explanations of the treaty and its benefits. They plan to campaign on the streets, on campuses and to support other pro-treaty groups …” (more)

[Marie O’Halloran, Irish Times, 25 April]

How many universities would survive the Tories?

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UK“Should universities be allowed to go bust? This provocative question is posed by Policy Exchange, the free-market think-tank linked to the Conservatives, in a world where the possibility of such failure has become frighteningly real. Sink or Swim? Facing Up to Failing Universities is an interesting report, all the more interesting because if there is any thinking going about what a Tory government would do with universities – and it’s hard to find out from David Cameron’s tight-lipped team – this is probably where it is being done. So many will read the report with the question ‘Would a Conservative government let universities go bust?’ at the back of their minds. In fact, the report is more about mergers than outright closures – there have been 27 since 1997 with little or no publicity …” (more)

[Donald MacLeod, Guardian, 24 April]