Call off the witch hunts

UK“All foreign students are now suspect in the current Salem-like xenophobic frenzy. We must stand firm. Many of us in higher education are engaged in debates about the Government’s recent moves to strengthen UK border controls for visitors and students, to weed out dubious higher education colleges, and to require academics and institutions to report overseas student attendance to the Home Office in the name of security and educational standards. After the police and security services arrested and detained 12 students in Manchester and Liverpool, not only the sector but UK society as a whole should be asking searching questions about policing, government policy, law and rights. Instead, we are confronted by a mainstream media content to deflect and distract with stories of possible plots, fake IDs, forged certificates and bogus colleges above fish-and-chip shops filled with “illegal” immigrants masquerading as overseas students, while civil liberties collapse quietly around us …” (more)

[Susan Edwards, Times Higher Education, 30 April]

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