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Privatise top 5 and let us form UK Ivy League says Imperial rector

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UK“The rector of Imperial College London wants the institution to go private and join four other Russell Group universities in an independent US-style Ivy League. Professor Sir Roy Anderson told the Evening Standard that privatisation would allow Imperial, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the London School of Economics and University College London to fulfil their economic promise. ‘If you take the top five universities, they have enormous potential to earn income for Britain. How best to do that? My own view would be to privatise them,’ he told the paper. ‘The trouble is all British universities are too dependent on Government’ …” (more)

[Melanie Newman, Times Higher Education, 1 June]

Universities should have power to sack chancellors: inquiry

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Australia“All universities should be given clear power to sack their chancellors, a parliamentary inquiry into higher education governance has urged. The existence of this power might ‘reduce the likelihood of protracted and damaging disputes between a chancellor and a governing body,’ said today’s report from the NSW Upper House inquiry. The inquiry had its origins in a debilitating governance crisis at the University of New England, where former chancellor John Cassidy and outgoing vice-chancellor Alan Pettigrew fell into serious disagreement about their leadership roles and the performance of the university …” (more)

[Bernard Lane, The Australian Higher Education, 1 June]

Gormley refuses to rule out fees

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Ireland“Green Party leader and Environment Minister John Gormley has refused to rule out imminent proposals for the Government to bring back third level fees despite his party’s opposition to any such move. Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe will bring a range of proposed changes to the free fees scheme to Mr Gormley and other Cabinet colleagues in the coming weeks, and will make a recommendation to them based on their responses …” (more)

[Niall Murray, Irish Examiner, 1 June]

Third-level fees – Reality can be bitter

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Ireland“Like so very many others Environment Minister and Green Party leader John Gormley seems to have to adjust his aspirations to match our new reality. Just two years ago his party’s education policies were central to its 2007 election manifesto and included the pledge that it would not support third-level fees. This was reiterated at its conference just two months ago. However, Mr Gormley must face imminent proposals from Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe to re-impose some sort of fee. Whether this is realpolitik or a capitulation is subjective …” (more)

[Irish Examiner, 1 June]

Investing in creativity is way to achieve economic success

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Ireland“… but innovation itself can only happen if there are the people with the creativity and skills to generate innovative ideas in the first place. Over the past decade, government has been progressively investing in those people and ideas. In the process, our universities have been transformed. A tradition heavily based on passing on existing knowledge has been greatly enhanced by scaling up the discovery and generation of new knowledge. A system that was mainly concentrated on third-level education now offers opportunities for more and more of our young people to take their skills and knowledge to a new, fourth, level. On foot of these policies, there is now an unprecedented level of interaction between universities and businesses, ranging from start-ups to our largest multinational corporations …” (more)

[Ned Costello, Irish Times, 1 June]

Crowley says EU Erasmus is key project for Cork youth

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Ireland“Ireland South MEP, Brian Crowley has today praised the success of the EU Erasmus project to date and said that the programme is evidence of the way the European Union is enriching the lives of young people in Cork through education. Erasmus is the initiative whereby a student from one third level college can go and study for a period of up to one year in another EU country …” (more)

[, 1 June]