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Is strategy just a waste of time?

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Ireland“In the early autumn Dublin City University will unveil its new strategic plan. This strategy will, we hope, chart the way through some very challenging and uncertain times. This will be DCU’s fourth strategic plan, and the third of my presidency. It will provide some direction for us, and allow us to show a common purpose. It will also satisfy several formal requirements that affect us, including section 34(1) of the Universities Act 1997 (which provides that the President must prepare a strategic plan for consideration by the Governing Authority), and the rules of certain funding programmes (such as the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions). But the significance of strategic planning is not always accepted by everyone …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 17 June]

30,000 students to change choices before deadline

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Ireland“More than 30,000 students are set to change their Central Applications Office (CAO) applications before the July 1st deadline. The huge numbers using the Change of Mind process – more than 50 per cent of all CAO applicants – reflect growing uncertainty about job prospects …” (more)

[Seán Flynn, Irish Times, 17 June]

Turmoil in Iran Extends to Campuses

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Iran“As protests and rallies continue to unfold in the streets of Tehran in the wake of Friday’s disputed presidential election, university students are emerging as a central force in what is being called the biggest mass demonstrations in Iran since the 1979 Islamic revolution. According to several news reports, a dormitory at Tehran University was attacked by the police on Sunday night, and there are conflicting accounts of fatalities …” (more)

[Aisha Labi, Chronicle of Higher Education, 16 June]

Question of finance: College fees

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IrelandQ. My husband and I have two children – one in primary school and the other in secondary. Of late, I have become concerned over media reports on the re-introduction of fees for third-level education. I really feel that I need to start planning for this now so that I will not be in a financial dilemma when the times comes for the children to go to college. Can you advise on where I should put any small amounts of monies that I can spare? …” (more)

[Aaron McCann, Independent, 16 June]

A-levels ‘too much like sat-nav’

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UK“The A-level exam has become ‘hollow preparation’ for university, by undermining independent study and original thought, says a think tank. The Reform group claims exam modules have created a ‘learn and forget culture’ – which it likens to using a sat-nav rather than map-reading skills. It says universities should ensure the quality of A-levels, taken by pupils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland …” (more)

[Katherine Sellgren, BBC News, 17 June]