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Tribunal told of DCU lecturer’s blog

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Ireland“A university lecturer who is in dispute with DCU called the president of the university ‘a person without honour’ and referred separately to three university colleagues as ‘criminal’, ‘traitor’ and ‘idiot’ in his blog, the Employment Appeals Tribunal heard yesterday. Dr Sean O’Nuallain was a lecturer in computing at the university from 1987 until the dispute arose in 2002. He subsequently set up the University Blog on Academic Tenure in Ireland …” (more)

[Pamela Duncan, Irish Times, 31 July]

Engaging the politicians

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Ireland“On this blog I have now conducted two interviews with senior politicians about higher education and other matters. Both politicians – Brian Hayes TD of the Fine Gael Party TD, and Ruairi Quinn of the Labour Party – expressed similar thoughts and concerns on certain issues, and it will be important for the higher education sector to address these, and to develop clear views on them. The key issues are the following …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 31 July]

College president denies attempt to ‘gag’ lecturer

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Ireland“A university head yesterday denied he had tried to ‘gag’ one of his lecturers and told how he received a ‘lashing’ from a government minister over controversial comments the lecturer had made. DCU president Ferdinand von Prondzynski claimed that lecturer Sean O’Nuallain had ‘repudiated’ his contract of employment by being absent from his duties for prolonged periods, failing to turn up for meetings and for not being there for students …” (more)

[Fergus Black, Independent, 31 July]

Chickens come home to roost as recession bites

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Ireland“With unemployment soaring, graduates and their parents have little choice but to lower their sights. ‘Do you realise there’s a recession going on!’ a friend shrieked down the phone to her 18 year old who right now is inter-railing across Europe with a borrowed grand in her back pocket and seemingly no intention of coming home. But come home she must, having flunked her first-year exams at university …” (more)

[Orna Mulcahy, Irish Times, 31 July]

Simmering university dispute boils over with ‘Nazi’ blog posts

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Ireland“A row between a college lecturer and his university boss boiled over onto the internet when a web blog called on the president to reveal whether his father was a member of the Nazi party. The blog was one of a number of exchanges in a dispute that has dragged on for more than six years and centres on whether a college lecturer was dismissed or resigned from his post as a computer applications lecturer at Dublin City University in 2003 …” (more)

[Fergus Black, Independent, 31 July]

Students quarantined with suspected swine flu

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Ireland“Seven language students were in quarantine at a Dublin university with suspected swine flu tonight as health chiefs confirmed 19 people have been taken to hospital. The teenagers, who were attending English language classes at University College Dublin, are remaining in on-campus residences …” (more)

[, 30 July]

Business students taking time to reflect

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Ireland“… Much has been made in the press recently of the role MBA graduates had in causing the ongoing and ever-evolving financial crisis. From the pages of the Wall Street Journal to more general publications like the New York Times, fingers have been pointed at graduates of schools such as Wharton and Harvard Business School for their part in creating the economic turmoil that is now gripping the world …” (more)

[Gareth Keane, Irish Times, 31 July]