Colleges shell out €7m for bitter internal staff disputes

Ireland“Irish colleges have wasted in excess of €7m dealing with bitter and complex internal staff disputes despite the recession, new figures obtained by the Sunday Independent reveal. Several universities have been involved in lengthy disputes with members of staff and new information reveals an alarming number of bullying and harassment claims from within the country’s leading colleges …” (more)

[Daniel McConnell, Independent, 12 July]

Blogmeister’s comment: This is an irritating story, as it hints at “new revelations” and portentously cites “well-placed sources”, yet gives no new information whatever – every concrete fact mentioned is already public domain. All the cases referred to are very old news indeed, and in each one of them it is several years too late to be suggesting that the universities “engage in mediation before wasting money on expensive court cases”. The real story is that there are actually remarkably few new disputes at the moment – no doubt partly because both management and unions have other, larger fish to fry.


7 Responses to “Colleges shell out €7m for bitter internal staff disputes”

  1. But all those other stories are specifically about DCU, and are no doubt inspired by the Cahill case (on which we can expect a ruling quite soon). It’s extremely sloppy journalism to present a single case as demonstrating a “trend” across all universities, and even sloppier to back this up with out-of-date “revelations”.

  2. But the pending Supreme Court judgement will impact on all academic staff as it will pretty much mean the end of ‘tenure’ within the Irish University system for any of the new post 1997 staff recruited during the boom years.. the ‘deadwood’ stays secure while the ‘cream’ is soured ! ….and all thanks to a fellow BL colleague who learnt his bad habits at Hull where a similar case ended ‘tenure’ in the UK

  3. Well, you might think that; I couldn’t possibly comment. Let’s wait and see what the Supreme Court say, before we decide they’ll bring an end to the world as we know it …

  4. Agreed !

    btw…great blog, well done

  5. Francis MacLachlan Says:

    Picking up Ger’s comment, I would be fairly suspicious of an issue being covered by three national papers on the same day when nothing new has happened in relation to it. Looks to me like someone with a vested interest has been pushing the issue.

  6. I suspect the reason it surfaced this week is not suspicious at all but as a direct result of the Supreme Court appeal which was apparently heard last week after a couple of years since the High Court ruling.

    The convergence of the three broadsheet articles suggests to me at least that, if anything, there are serious problems with the college in question

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