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USI to Hold Public Meeting on Fees

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Ireland“The Union of Students in Ireland will host a public meeting on the reintroduction of third level fees for concerned parents and students in Galway on September 7, 2009. The reintroduction of fees and its potential impact on Irish society and the country’s economy will be discussed at the event by a number of key speakers. These include USI President, Peter Mannion, Vice President of the National Union of Students in Australia, Stefie Hinchy, and President of the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations, Sophia Blair …” (more)

[Irish Press Releases, 31 August]

Draft submission to Innovation Task Force

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Ireland“… Excellent education requires excellent teachers. While teaching introductory courses requires didactic skills, teaching at the advanced bachelor’s, master’s and PhD level requires a true understanding of the subject matter. Only researchers who have moved the knowledge frontier can teach at the frontier of knowledge; and only professors like that can give students the skills, self-confidence and inspiration to innovate. Top people are rare and in high demand. Universities abroad offer senior positions with few management and teaching obligations. Ireland can only attract and keep top researchers if it offers similar conditions. This automatically creates a body of curiosity-driven (or fundamental) research …” (more)

[Richard Tol, Irish Economy, 31 August]

Belief and Science Policy

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Ireland“… When it comes to science policy i.e. how to use the Government’s money in a sensible manner there are two different schools of thought: one believes that research is a motor for the development of the economy and therefore it is right to invest generously in Science Technology and Innovation (STI), while the other does not believe that there is any cause and effect between economic development and STI, and therefore it is not worth undertaking such investment. The use of the word belief in such a point of decision is deliberate. Unfortunately many prominent voices build their arguments against investment in R&D (or STI) from the subjective start point of ‘they do not believe’ or ‘they are not convinced’ or a simple assertion that there would be no significant impact or return on the investment. Opinions based on such feelings, are frequently informed by an amalgam of anecdotes and very personal experiences …” (more)

[Frank Gannon’s Blog, 27 August]

Science cuts could do serious damage

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Ireland“As the holiday period comes to a close, Nama may dominate many dinner table conversations, but among the research community and science-led industry the McCarthy report continues to generate debate. Similar discussions are under way in the corridors of power at the various government departments tasked to develop and finance the Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation. The report details €100 million in spending cuts across a range of departments – a 9 per cent reduction in the proposed 2009 State research allocation …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 31 August]

Would you buy a used essay from this man?

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Ireland“In response to my recent post ‘Returning’, one person attempted to submit the following comment: ‘It’s not so simply to bring a great custom essays, especially if you are intent. I recommend you to find buy a custom essay and to be devoid from discredit that your work will be done by essay writers.’ Well obviously this is spam, which is why you don’t see the comment in its intended place, and why I am not giving you the link submitted with it. But what struck me was that if I were trying to flog some plagiarism materials, I’d have a go at advertising this in a reasonably literate and coherent way …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 30 August]

Lecturers concerned about knock-on potential of any change in allowances

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Ireland“One of the main unions representing university lecturers has expressed some concern that any abolition of allowances paid to academic staff in Irish Universities would not apply to those allowances which staff are paid for performing extra duties. IFUT previously drew attention to allowances and rates of pay paid to some academics under the so-called ‘Departures Framework’, which was designed to attract high calibre academics to Irish Universities. IFUT has been critical of the levels of remuneration paid to individuals under the scheme which are outside of the normal salary scales …” (more)

[Roisin Farrelly, Industrial Relations News, 27 August]

Quality mark to be established for language schools

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Ireland“Education Minister Batt O’Keefe is to establish a quality mark for language schools and colleges of further education. The initiative, which aims to attract overseas students, requires legislation …” (more)

[, 30 August]