Education funding – Hard choices will define our future

Ireland“… Last week it was confirmed that one UCD academic — Prof Des Fitzgerald, vice-president for research — enjoyed a €400,000 pay deal. Even the cut — €80,000 — faced by Prof Fitzgerald after talks between UCD and the Higher Education Authority is not enough to give the package the authority of reality. Those talks saw the abolition of allowances for 60 UCD staff. Seven vice-presidents and five college principals will each forfeit up to €25,000 in allowances. These figures represent amazing indulgences and it must be assumed that they are replicated in one shape or another across all colleges. This offers considerable potential for savings. The old argument — that colleges must match what the private sector might pay — must now be applied by Government with the vigour it was once advanced by academics and other public employees but in reverse. If they do they will identify considerable savings …” (more)

[Editorial, Irish Examiner, 29 August]


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