Belief and Science Policy

Ireland“… When it comes to science policy i.e. how to use the Government’s money in a sensible manner there are two different schools of thought: one believes that research is a motor for the development of the economy and therefore it is right to invest generously in Science Technology and Innovation (STI), while the other does not believe that there is any cause and effect between economic development and STI, and therefore it is not worth undertaking such investment. The use of the word belief in such a point of decision is deliberate. Unfortunately many prominent voices build their arguments against investment in R&D (or STI) from the subjective start point of ‘they do not believe’ or ‘they are not convinced’ or a simple assertion that there would be no significant impact or return on the investment. Opinions based on such feelings, are frequently informed by an amalgam of anecdotes and very personal experiences …” (more)

[Frank Gannon’s Blog, 27 August]


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