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Students in the South Fight Against Fees

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Ireland“The Union of Students in Ireland will hold a succession of protests on college campuses around the south of Ireland as part of its campaign against the reintroduction of fees. Protests will be held by University College Cork, the Limerick School of Art and Design and the Institutes of Technologies in Carlow, Limerick Tralee and Waterford from October 7–14. Hundreds of students, representing their individual colleges, will come out to voice their opposition to the reintroduction of fees at each event …” (more)

[Irish Press Releases, 6 October]

European Commission wants total overhaul of research policy to close gap with US, others

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EU“Europe must increase funds for research and eliminate nationalistic reflexes that have turned the continent from science leader to laggard, the European Commission said Tuesday. As President Barack Obama plans for a new era in US science and technology, and research efforts gather pace in emerging powers such as China and India, Europe must start taking drastic action, an EU policy report said …” (more)

[The Gaea Times, 6 October]

Lecturers get ‘scruffy’ jeans ban

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UK“Lecturers have been told they will be sent home to change if they come to work in jeans or scruffy trousers. The UCU lecturers’ union is protesting against Birmingham Metropolitan College acting like the ‘fashion police’ …” (more)

[Sean Coughlan, BBC News, 6 October]

Protestant brain drain … again!

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UK“It has become almost an annual ritual that some unionist politician or other complains about the fact that Protestant students are more likely to study in Britain than in Northern Ireland, and thus are less likely to end up living here. This year’s contribution to the ritual comes from DUP MLAs Alex Easton and Jonathan Craig …” (more)

[Ulster’s Doomed!, 6 October]

Oxford professors ‘hacked into emails’

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UK“Dr Cecile Deer told an employment tribunal that she believed her private computer correspondence had been illegally accessed by supervisors after she complained about her treatment. The 41-year-old won an out-of-court settlement with the university in 2008 after she sued them for sex discrimination when she was excluded from the women’s football team. However, after receiving the settlement, Dr Deer claims Professor Geoffrey Walford victimised her by refusing to give her a job reference …” (more)

[Daily Telegraph, 6 October]

Law to back academic freedom

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Australia“Draft legislation to enshrine academic freedom and limit ministerial interference in university research could be released next year. The legislation would also aim to thwart racist or other extreme attacks by academics on members of the public. After years of quiet lobbying over the issue, the National Tertiary Education Union has won a commitment from the Australian Labor Party to ‘legislate to provide strong and effective protection for academic freedom’ …” (more)

[Guy Healy, The Australian Higher Education, 7 October]

Protestants and universities: the students hit back

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UK“Student leaders have slammed claims that Northern Ireland’s two main universities are putting off Protestants. Speaking as the Assembly prepares to debate the migration of school-leavers today, student representatives have rejected DUP suggestions that a religious imbalance in Northern Ireland’s academic institutions is because Protestants do not feel welcome. Gareth McGreevy, student campaigns officer at QUB, said: ‘To suggest that Queen’s is a house for republicanism is an unfounded suggestion …’” (more)

[Belfast Telegraph, 6 October]