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More University Rankings

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Ireland“Quantitative analysis of science and technology is a growing research area. There are two university rankings based on bibilometric indicators which are worth watching: Cybermetrics Lab has this university ranking for Top 100 universities in Europe, published in July 2009. TCD is the only Irish university in this list, ranked 49th in Europe and 169th in the world ranking …” (more)

[Iulia Siedschlag, The Irish Economy, 8 October]

The Public-Private Sector Pay Gap in Ireland: What Lies Beneath?

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IrelandAbstract: This paper provides a sub-sectoral analysis of changes in the public-private sector pay gap in Ireland between 2003 and 2006. We find that between March 2003 and October 2006 the public sector pay premium increased from 14 to 26 per cent and that there was substantial variation between subsectors of the public service. Within the public service the premium in 2006 was highest in Education and Security Services and lowest in the Civil Service and Local Authorities …” (more)

[Philip Lane, The Irish Economy, 8 October]

Don and dusted: The ‘Institute of Ideas’ meets HEFCE

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UK“… All the same, I still have a terrible sinking feeling about the new Research Excellence Framework, and its stress on the ‘impact’ of research. I took a good hard look at the recent consultation document produced by HEFCE (and, as Sweeney stressed, it is only a consultation document) and at the ‘indicators’ which might demonstrate ‘impact’. There are almost forty indicators, of which only four or five could possible ever apply to an arts and humanities subject. Most refer to income from industry, increased turnover for particular businesses, improved health outcome, better drugs (medicinal rather than recreational I imagine) and changes in public opinion (eg reductions in smoking). One of my colleagues ruefully observed that humanities research probably had a track record of encouraging smoking, at least among researchers … all that angst in the library …” (more)

[Mary Beard, A don’s life, 8 October]

THE-QS University Rankings 2009

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Ireland“The new rankings are out. All Irish universities are up. TCD at 43, UCD at 89. To pre-empt some critique: No ranking is perfect, but each imperfect ranking correlates with each other imperfect ranking. Two universities in the top 100 is not at all bad for a country that has far less than 2/100 people in the OECD, let alone the world.” (discussion)

[Richard Tol, The Irish Economy, 8 October]

US Decline or a Flawed Measure?

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USA“Most higher education leaders say that institutional rankings are highly questionable, given the many intangibles in what make a college or university ‘best’ for a given person or course of study. But what about national trends? Can international rankings of universities provide a picture of the relative rise and fall of nation’s universities? The Times Higher Education/QS rankings, out today, suggest that there are national patterns that can be discerned – and the picture is one of decline for American institutions. Since narratives about American decline always attract attention, these rankings are likely to cause a stir …” (more)

[Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, 8 October]

Trinity, UCD climb up the world rankings for universities

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Ireland“Irish universities have dramatically improved their positions in their world rankings this year. UCD, the country’s biggest university, has broken into the top 100 for the first time, moving from 108th place to 89th place this year The Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings are seen as a prestigious annual barometer of a university’s performance. Partly helped by increased investment in research, Trinity has improved on its stellar performance in 2009, going up from 49th to 43rd place …” (more)

[John Walshe, Independent, 8 October]

THE-QS World University Rankings 2009: Year 6 of market making

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USA“Well, an email arrived today and I just could not help myself… I clicked on the THE-QS World University Rankings 2009 links that were provided to see who received what ranking. In addition, I did a quick Google scan of news outlets and weblogs to see what spins were already underway …” (more)

[Kris Olds, GlobalHigherEd, 8 October]

Education cuts could be reversed at no great cost

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Ireland“… But the Greens’ own document hints at a possible compromise in the way it prioritises primary over second- and third-level education. Yesterday the Teachers’ Union of Ireland, representing second-level teachers, contacted the Greens to express concern about how post-primary education appeared to be losing out. But it may be too late …” (more)

[Seán Flynn, Irish Times, 8 October]

College rankings place UCD in top 100 for first time

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Ireland“The world ranking of Irish universities has improved dramatically in the past year, according to a highly regarded international league table. With UCD entering the top 100 for the first time, the Republic now has two colleges in this elite group. Trinity has climbed six places to 43, while UCD is up 19, to 89. Trinity is also ranked as the 13th best university in Europe. The Times Higher Education/QS World University Rankings, published today, has other good news for Ireland: UCC is up 19 places, to 207 …” (more)

[Sean Flynn, Irish Times, 8 October]

Rankings 09: Asia advances

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International“The US domination of the top ranks of global higher education is not as strong as it has been in previous years. The Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings 2009 show that institutions in Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Japan are growing in stature. Although Harvard University is still ranked number one in the table of the world’s top 200 universities – for the sixth consecutive year – American supremacy seems to be slipping. While the US still has by far the most institutions in the top 200, with a total of 54, it has lost five institutions from the top 100 and four have dropped out of the top 200 altogether …” (more)

[Phil Baty, Times Higher Education, 8 October]

Students protest extra conferring charge

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Ireland“Thousands of students voiced their opposition to being hit with extra charges on top of higher registration fees when they took to the streets of Cork opposing any return of college fees. University College Cork had proposed a €80 charge to cover the cost of conferring ceremonies for graduates from next year, which UCC Students Union (UCCSU) president Eoin Hayes said is ridiculous …” (more)

[Niall Murray, Irish Examiner, 8 October]

Colleges pool resources to cut costs

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Ireland“Third-level colleges have agreed to pool buying power to save money. As well as joint purchasing deals on everything from electricity to computers, they are also looking to share services in areas such as payroll, and even human resources. Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe has asked for a report before the end of the year, setting out progress and key targets in cutting costs and producing efficiencies …” (more)

[John Walshe, Independent, October 8]

Bye-bye, American high

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UK“The era of US dominance in higher education, like the era of the expanding American middle class, seems to be over. Its official death knell might have been sounded when Deborah Solomon’s interview with Mark Yudof, president of the University of California, appeared in The New York Times recently. ‘UC is facing a budget shortfall of at least $753 million (£689 million), largely because of cuts in state financing’, she said. ‘Do you blame Governor Schwarzenegger for your troubles?’ ‘I do not’, he replied. ‘This is a long-term secular trend across the entire country …'” (more)

[Michael Bérubé, Times Higher Education, 8 October]

World rankings

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Ireland“Today sees the publication of the QS/Times Higher Education world university rankings, and Irish universities have done well. Five of the seven are in the top global 300, ranked as follows (last year’s position in brackets): TCD 43 (48); UCD 89 (108); UCC 207 (226); NUI Galway 243 (368); DCU 279 (302). Though some academics are sceptical about any league tables, nevertheless the improvement in the rankings for all the Irish institutions is welcome. However, the reality is that in the current funding environment it is unlikely that these positions can be sustained, let alone improved further …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 8 October]

It could be you, but getting an offer is merely a lottery

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USA“Rejection letters sent to university applicants should say they were simply unlucky, while acceptance letters should tell students they are to be congratulated ‘only in the sense that the winner of a lottery is to be congratulated’, a Harvard University professor has said. Michael Sandel, a professor of government who delivered this year’s BBC Reith Lecture series, makes the argument in a new book, Justice – What’s the Right Thing to Do? Adopting the philosopher John Rawls’ argument that a person does not merit success merely because he or she was lucky enough to be born with gifts that are in demand …” (more)

[Melanie Newman, Times Higher Education, 8 October]

Pressure grows on colleges to clamp down on student misconduct

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Ireland“A significant rise in public order offences since the beginning of the college term has been reported by gardai and residents across the city, resulting in an Garda Siochana directing extra resources to deal with the anti-social behaviour. Sgt Shane Cummins said there has been a substantial increase in public order offences by students, particularly on Monday and Thursday nights. He says that gardai recognise that there are only a small number of students involved, but that it is not acceptable …” (more)

[Richie McCarthy, Galway Advertiser, 8 October]

Protesting students bombard O’Keeffe’s mobile with calls

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Ireland“Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe will be forced to change his mobile phone number after students played a prank on him yesterday. Mr O’Keeffe’s number had been read out loud by Cork Institute of Technology Students’ Union President Gearoid Buckley, who urged the crowd at the Grand Parade to text Mr O’Keeffe to express their opposition to cuts in education. When Mr O’Keeffe answered his phone, all he could hear were students shouting ‘No to fees, No to Fianna Fail’ …” (more)

[Michelle McDonagh and John Walshe, Independent, 8 October]

Oxford vice-chancellor urges politicians to stop meddling in admissions

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UK“Politicians need to stop meddling in university admissions, the new Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford said in his inaugural address yesterday. Andrew Hamilton becomes the first Oxford vice-chancellor who has not studied or held a previous post at the university. He took his first degree at the University of Exeter and was most recently a Provost of Yale University. In his speech at the university’s Sheldonian Theatre, he said that he would protect the ‘twin Oxford jewels — the collegiate structure and the tutorial system’ …” (more)

[Nicola Woolcock, Times, 8 October]

Wannabe U: Inside the Corporate University

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USA“In most debates over its future, the university is represented—by both its critics and its champions—as a secular temple for learning, a sacred space freed from the more mundane concerns that trouble other institutions. But lately this lofty image looks increasingly tarnished, especially with regard to public research universities. There, a new class of administrative professionals has been busy working to make colleges as much like businesses as possible. In this eye-opening exposé of the modern university, Gaye Tuchman paints a candid portrait of these wannabe corporate managers and the new regime of revenue streams, mission statements, and five-year plans they’ve ushered in …” (more)

[University of Chicago Press, October]

The world’s top 100 universities listed

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UK“Oxford University has slipped in the ­international league table of the world’s top universities – in a study which shows the advance of academia in Asia that will soon pose a challenge to the Ivy League and Oxbridge. The study, from Times Higher Education and QS Top Universities shows that overall the UK still punches above its weight, second only to the US …” (more)

[Polly Curtis , Guardian, 8 October]