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Colleges cracks the whip

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Ireland“Both GMIT and NUI Galway this week cranked up their plans to tackle the anti-social behaviour of some of their students. GMIT contacted all students via email to make them aware of complaints from Renmore residents into anti-social behaviour in some residential estates and a letter was also delivered to each house from the GMIT Students’ Union asking students to consider their neighbours. Meanwhile, NUI Galway launched their ‘Community Spirit Initiative’, which they aim to educate students in the importance of respect for their fellow residents …” (more)

[Declan Rooney, Galway Independent, 14 October]

Innovation, universities and patents

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Ireland“Patents encourage innovation – an inventor who is awarded a patent over an invention can exploit it and profit from it, at least according to the Irish Patents Office. Innovation therefore matter, and Innovation Dublin 2009, a week long festival of public events aimed at promoting and stimulating innovation and creativity in the city, begins today. The festival, co-ordinated by Dublin City Council, is a key project of the Creative Dublin Alliance, a collaborative group made up of Dublin local authorities, universities, state agencies, businesses and the not-for-profit sector, which was launched in Trinity’s Science Gallery earlier this year …” (more)

[Eoin O’Dell, Cearta, 14 October]

Discriminatory Student Grants Land Netherlands in European Court of Justice

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EU“The European Commission is taking the Netherlands to the European Court of Justice over a student grant scheme which discriminates against workers from other EU countries and their families. Dutch legislation imposes a residence requirement for grants to study abroad which puts migrant and frontier workers – including those residing in neighbouring Belgium – at a disadvantage compared to nationals …” (more)

[European Commission, eGov monitor, 8 October]

Coalition deal may not stop hike in college registration fee

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Ireland“Fianna Fail and the Green Party admitted last night their new coalition deal does not cover a further substantial rise in college registration charges. And Taoiseach Brian Cowen failed to give any guarantee water charges wouldn’t come in before a metering system was introduced. Fine Gael said the measures announced in the new Programme for Government would result in €2.5bn in extra taxes …” (more)

[Fionnan Sheahan, Independent, 14 October]

Group proposes students pay contributions

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Ireland“A top-level group will recommend some form of student or graduate contribution when it reports early next year, causing the Government further embarrassment on college fees. Without a contribution, the Government will need an extra €400m-€500m to fund the rapidly expanding third-level numbers. The Irish Independent has learned the national strategy group on higher education, chaired by economist Dr Colin Hunt, is to turn its attention to funding models shortly. This follows the weekend decision to take fees off the agenda before the next election …” (more)

[John Walshe and Ralph Riegel, Independent, 14 October]

Registration charge – the ‘real’ tuition fee?

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Ireland“… Ever since I have been President of DCU, I have had no input whatsoever into the setting of the charge. Rather, we get a statement from the Higher Education Authority which tells us what the charge is going to be; we are not as much as consulted along the way. And it is made absolutely clear that if we were to charge any more, the additional money would be clawed back from the recurrent grant …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 13 October]

Most Cited Institutions: 1999-2009

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UK“A league table of the most cited institutions 1999-2009 has been published by The list is dominated by US universities with 14 entries and only three UK entries and one each from Germany, Canada and Japan. Harvard is, inevitably, top …” (more)

[Registrarism, 14 October]

Budget context to set costs of Government programme

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Ireland“… The spokesman also insisted that increased college registration charges will not be a substitute form of revenue-raising after third-level college fees. ‘Registration fees will not be a vehicle for fees by the back door. I’m saying that emphatically and on the record’, the spokesman said. A decision not to proceed with third-level fees was taken in the talks between Fianna Fáil and the Green Party last week on a renewed programme. The Green Party spokesman said registration charges ‘may vary’ but they ‘will not be tantamount to fees’ …” (more)

[Harry McGee and Mary Minihan, Irish Times, 14 October]

Hi-tech employers push for bonus points in maths

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Ireland“The Government is under growing pressure from hi-tech multinationals to reward Leaving Certificate higher-level maths students with bonus points for college entry. Employers in science, technology and engineering say the country can’t afford to wait for the newly initiated reform of maths teaching in order to produce the necessary number of high performers. They want an immediate incentive to ensure a supply of skilled graduates for the ‘smart economy’ industries on which future growth depends …” (more)

[Katherine Donnelly, Irish Examiner, 14 October]

Registration fees could be increased

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Ireland“The Green Party has admitted that third-level registration fees could be increased in the December budget. A spokesman for Green leader John Gormley said there could be ‘variation’ in the registration fees, but insisted they would not be substantial …” (more)

[Paul O’Brien, Irish Examiner, 14 October]

FEE NUIM: Cautious welcome to the news on fees, still no welcome for Bertie Ahern TD

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Ireland“Free Education for Everyone, NUI Maynooth welcome the concessions won by the Green Party in relation to education, but encourage students to continue the campaign against education cutbacks and remain cautious of this governments policies in relation to education. The Green Party have voted with Fianna Fail on education cuts in the past, and there is no reason to think they will not do so again in future. The decision of the Green Party rank and file to vote in favour of NAMA for instance shows a willingness to go against public feeling and to side with the Fianna Fail party if their own seats at the high table of government in Ireland are at risk …” (more)

[Free Education for Everyone, 13 October]