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Lazy, greedy academics?

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Ireland“Marc Coleman, of Newstalk radio, just recently invited me to appear on his radio show – unfortunately I had to decline as I was genuinely unavailable; but that’s maybe as well, because I am going to have to take him to task here …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 19 October]

Are economists bad for the economy?

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Ireland“…Mr McArdle’s views are symptomatic of a problem in Irish political life and in our debates back and forth on this blog and in the wider media. The notion being expressed is that, somehow, dissenting economists like Morgan Kelly, Alan Ahearne, Karl Whelan, and Brian Lucey, just to name a few, are bad for the economy. Worse than having their views shown to be false, they simply aren’t consulted, or even listened to …” (more)

[Stephen Kinsella, 19 October]

Coup for UCD as new chair of politics opts for a timely homecoming

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Ireland“As a boy, the new Chair of Politics at University College Dublin (UCD) played around his father’s desk at the university. The young David Farrell occupied himself with crayons and paper while the distinguished academic, author and bowtie-wearing broadcaster, Prof Brian Farrell, carried on with his work. The former associate professor in the Department of Politics ‘will have been delighted at the appointment of his son’, according to a UCD insider …” (more)

[Mary Minihan, Irish Times, 20 October]

‘Nobody had given any thought to the higher education sector’

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Ireland“What a week it’s been. I spent much of it trying to get my head around the fallout from the revised Programme for Government agreed between Fianna Fáil and the Green Party. That wasn’t an easy task – frankly, it has been totally chaotic. I came to be feel very quickly that the two parties, in reaching their agreement, had no idea what the impact would be on our university sector. But let me just go back to the revised Programme for Government itself …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, Irish Times, 20 October]

IBM and UCC project to study risk management

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Ireland“Computer giant IBM and University College Cork (UCC) have teamed up for a new research project to help big business and governments manage risk and make better decisions. The IDA-backed Risk Management Analytics research collaboration will see UCC joining IBM’s worldwide network of advanced analytic centres. UCC scientists will work with Science Foundation Ireland and IBM research scientists in Switzerland and New York on technologies to manage risk …” (more)

[Eoin English, Irish Examiner, 20 October]

Students to rate their lecturers online under Tory government

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UK“Students would be able to rate their lecturers on a government-sponsored website designed to give university applicants better information about courses if the Conservatives were to form the next government. David Willetts, the Shadow Universities Secretary, is working with Microsoft on a website that would give salary information for graduates from each degree course and record students’ views of their experience of higher education …” (more)

[John O’Leary, Times, 20 October]

Academic Libraries, Publishers, and Digital Books

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USA“The future will judge academic librarians by how well they were able to build coalitions across institutions and negotiate with publishers to bring digital books into a co-equal status with physical books. This is a hard problem to solve, but leaders will be judged on how well they solve the hard ones …” (more)

[Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed, October 19]

University standards row deepens

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UK“One blazing hot June day last year, Geoffrey Alderman stepped up to a podium, lit a touchpaper and watched it ignite. Alderman, who had previously been in charge of safeguarding standards at Britain’s largest university, told his audience that degree standards in many institutions were at risk because lecturers were being pressurised to turn a blind eye to plagiarism and ‘mark positively’ …” (more)

[Rachel Williams, Guardian, 20 October]

Free Speech and the Green Jersey

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Ireland“Last night’s Week in Politics Show on RTE provided a fascinating illustration of how bizarre the debate over the National Asset Management Agency has become. Presenter Sean O’Rourke introduced a report on the Dublin Economics Workshop in Kenmare (18 minutes in) by quoting Denis O’Brien’s comments about academic economists spending all of their time twittering and taking out ads in the newspaper …” (more)

[Karl Whelan, The Irish Economy, 19 October]