Publishing and Open Access

Ireland“CELT hosted an informative seminar this week on Open Access publishing, facilitated by the research support staff from the library. The seminar focused on the development of ARAN, NUI Galway’s open access repository. More universities are developing these types of repositories in order to facilitate access to the publications of academic staff, and it seems as though many publishers and funding bodies are in favour of them …” (more)

[Summa cum laude, 21 October]

One Response to “Publishing and Open Access”

  1. Hi!
    I see that you are writing about OA,so I will be free to say a couple words about it.It is free for all to read, and to use (or reuse) to various extents. In OA you have free access to material (mainly scholarly publications) via the Internet.Most journal articles are distributed via the World Wide Web, due to low distribution costs, increasing reach, speed, and increasing importance for scholarly communication.
    The main reason authors make their articles openly accessible is to maximize their research impact.The more the article is used, cited, applied and built upon, the better for research as well as for the researcher’s career.Open access helps to ensure long-term access to scholarly articles. Unlike articles that are licensed in traditional article databases, libraries and others can create local copies and repositories of these resources.
    If you nead more information be free to visit our blog.

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