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Academics and pubs

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Ireland“… So, that’s how academics network here in Ireland. They go to a pub, meet graduate students, test their ideas in research seminars such as these, exchange email addresses, etc. To be honest, this was my first real contact about the way academics network, but it was ever so informal, which I liked …” (more)

[A Trinity Tale, 6 November]

Letter from America

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Ireland“… it struck me as very significant that the writer was equating feudal concepts of society with academic qualifications Is he right? Are academic institutions the purveyors of social elitism? Is knowledge divisive if celebrated? The aristocracy of intellectual performance is perhaps a feature of the academic world. Do we need to re-think this, and find a way of valuing knowledge while avoiding any suggestion that it elevates the holder? …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 6 November]

Assessing the value of research

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Ireland“I was at a function recently when I was accosted by one of the other persons attending. How, she wanted to know, could I justify all that ‘useless research’ that was going on in my university? She wasn’t against research – not at all, in fact: she wanted us to find the cure for cancer, the answer to Dublin’s traffic problems, and a solution to all those under-funded pension schemes. And instead, what were we working on? …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 6 November]

Backlog in grants forcing students out of college

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Ireland“Cash-strapped students are dropping out of college because of a huge delay in processing maintenance grants this year. About 50 students a week are leaving because of lack of financial support, most notably in colleges on the west coast, student union leaders say …” (more)

[Katherine Donnelly, Independent, 6 November]

Where do we go if cutbacks continue and our knowledge economy starts to unravel?

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Ireland“… Cutbacks in the overall science budget may help the Government edge closer towards closing the enormous spending gap, but in reality may cost much more than is saved in the long term. How will leading research-based companies considering whether to invest here view a diminution of the research spend? It won’t go down well …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 6 November]

Fund to commemorate Dundalk student offers help for start-ups

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Ireland“A Louth-based entrepreneur has launched a fund to help unemployed graduates of DCU and Dundalk Institute of Technology evaluate and develop their best new technology start-up ideas. In partnership with the two universities, and with the help of the Irish business community in Canada, Pat McKeown, founder of internet and business services firm FF Solutions, has put together the Paraic McKeown Memorial Fund …” (more)

[John Reynolds, Irish Times, 6 November]

Fast and flexible Microsoft and Trinity College

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Ireland“Irish universities are getting in on the idea of digitised, interactive libraries, with a new partnership between Trinity College Dublin and Microsoft setting the tone. The move towards digitised university libraries is gaining momentum worldwide with copyright concerns creating the only real doubts about how the transfer to digital will pan out …” (more)

[Adam Maguire , Irish Times, 6 November]