Aggressive stereotypes

“Like aggressive stereotypes of any profession, the idea of academics having a leisurely four hour week is grotesquely misplaced.” (tweet)

[Liam Delaney, Twitter, 30 January]


One Response to “Aggressive stereotypes”

  1. […] Some academics are worried about this. I’m not. I think this is a great thing. I think it’s wonderful. Because now, when we calculate properly how many hours we spend on a course, we’ll be able to bill for all the time we spend on it. So in my case, for CS7004, I can bill for the three contact hours a week, plus the two-and-an-inevitable-half hours in labs (currently unpaid for), plus the three to four hours each contact hour took to prepare (currently unpaid for), plus the two hours each lab took to prepare (currently unpaid for), plus the twenty or so hours that were spent preparing the hardware for the course (currently unpaid for), plus the time spent marking and collating marks (currently unpaid for), plus the time spent drafting and checking and reviewing exam papers, plus the time spent correcting those exam papers and sitting on exam boards reviewing the results (all of which is, you guessed it, unpaid for). […]

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