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College grants ‘debacle’

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“Labour Clonakilty councillor Aidan Pendlebury has called the ongoing delay in the processing of third level maintenance grants ‘unacceptable and dangerous’. Cllr Pendlebury said, ‘This delay is leaving thousands of students financially crippled and under an unnecessary cloud of uncertainty …'” (more)

[Cork Politics, 8 February]

Evidence on the effect of educational finances on participation

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“The possibility of reform to the financing of third level education seems somewhat higher than usual. This summary of a recent report from the IFS analyses recent reforms in the UK is well worth looking at …” (more)

[Kevin Denny, Geary Behavioural Economics Blog, 8 February]

Universities see rise in applications from older people

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“The number of people from Scotland over the age of 25 who have applied to university has more than doubled. There has been a 108% rise in the amount of would-be mature students in the past year …” (more)

[BBC News, 8 February]

Dr Richard Vedder, Productivity in Higher Education

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“Richard Vedder studies higher education financing, labor economics, immigration, government fiscal policy and income inequality. A distinguished professor of economics at Ohio University, he is the author of several books, including Going Broke by Degree, and The Wal-Mart Revolution: How Big Box Stores Benefit Consumers, Workers, and the Economy (with Wendell Cox). Dr. Vedder earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Illinois …” (more)

[Higher Education Management Group, 8 February]

Chinese university to teach Irish

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“A Chinese university is to receive almost 22,000 euro in Government funding to teach students Irish. Beijing’s Foreign Studies University is the first third-level college in the country to request funding for the language, as its policy is to teach all tongues of the EU …” (more)

[Independent, 8 February]

Official Opening of EPA-funded NUI Galway Water Research Facility

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“The new NUI Galway Water Research Facility at Tuam, Co. Galway was officially opened today by Michael Finneran, Minister for Housing & Local Services and TD for Roscommon-South Leitrim. Core funding to establish the facility was provided by the EPA through its STRIVE Research Programme, and by NUI Galway …” (more)

[Irish Press Releases, 8 February]

Students offered luxury living

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“It’s a far cry from listening to The Smiths in a Rathmines bedsit. Students, once regarded by landlords as little better than pests, are now living in apartments with swimming pools and landscaped gardens as cash-strapped developers look to colleges to fill empty properties. The Dublin Institute of Technology, University College Cork and University College Dublin are among the third-level institutions that have block-booked student accommodation at a discount in luxury developments aimed at professional homeowners …” (more)

[Gabrielle Monaghan, Sunday Times, 7 February]