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Sexual harassment is not your academic freedom

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“… Academia allows a lot of BS that other sectors don’t (nepotism, sexual harassment) and allows way more discrimination than would be acceptable in industry or government. I could make a long list of TMI profs who would share inappropriate details about themselves… details which would have them kicked to the curb in an industry setting …” (more)

[Pulsatance, 16 May]

Make your own minds up

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“Full details from both sides of the #fruitbatgate story: via @glukianoff. Make your own minds up, folks.” (tweet)

[Stephen Kinsella, Twitter, 16 May]

Students given no guidance by university staff

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“Many university students never talk to their lecturers about ideas from class, exam results or career plans, according to a study of life and learning on campus. ‘Somehow universities, with all the financial constraints that they face, are going to have to find a way for students to interact with staff’, said researcher Hamish Coates from the Australian Council for Educational Research …” (more)

[Bernard Lane, The Australian, 17 May]

Stop Creepos Setting Up Petitions Against Laws That Protect Women In The Workplace

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“… What really irks me is that this petition is getting lots of support from academics who are not taking the time to look at the specifics of the case (the friend who showed me the petition in the first place was horrified when I pointed out all of the above). I mean, if the head of the UCC medicine department, who, presumably, is familiar with the characters of both the people involved, has recommended counselling for Dr Evans, I think that speaks volumes …” (more)

[The Demure Lemur, 16 May]


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“Dylan Evans has put up a YouTube video with some of the documents related to what is now being tagged, inevitably, ‘Fruitbatgate’. See yesterday’s post on this. The video is nice, but a bit hard to read, so I’ve taken the liberty of making some screen grabs …” (more)

[Zen Faulkes, Neurodojo, 16 May]

Minister condemns standards at ‘rubbish’ universities

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“The Conservative MP reportedly told officials he would prefer to have graduates from top institutions, even if they did not have a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, the teaching qualification. Mr Gibb’s comments, which were said to have infuriated teaching unions, allegedly came at a staff meeting on his first day at the Department for Education on Friday …” (more)

[Nick Collins, Sunday Telegraph, 16 May]

Universities and wildlife

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“In my role I spend a lot of time trying to ensure that my university, DCU, gets serious media attention. But there are some things you don’t want to be in the media for, and our colleagues in University College Cork have just discovered one of them: getting edgy about the sex lives of fruit bats …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 16 May]