Bringing the veil down on the fruit bats

“For the moment the story is not going away, though I think it should. In fact, it should never have turned up in public anyway. It has been suggested by some commentators that UCC lecturer Dr Dylan Evans had no choice but to make his case public. I just cannot see that. There is always a choice …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 19 May]


2 Responses to “Bringing the veil down on the fruit bats”

  1. Batwoman Says:

    The choice was there for both individuals in this instance. The complainant could have raised her objections without resorting to the lodgement of an offical charge of sexual harrassment while the accused could have refrained from going public in the manner he did… but the fact remains that you and many others have raised the case throughout the week which has has only added fuel to the fire… Choices !

  2. Victor Says:

    Evans has destroyed his case irrevocably by his behavior on the Web over the last 3 days.
    He has reframed himself from and object of sympathy to a pariah.
    His lawyers must have told him to STFU, yet today in the Cork papers he is alleging that the Ms Kennedy, the plaintive, posted the strictly confidential UCC documents on the Web—- on his Face Book site using his password? ? ?

    What an Apocalyptic meltdown in 3 days.

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