UCC starts disciplinary action over sexual harassment posts

“University College Cork has begun disciplinary procedures against a lecturer over the posting of confidential material on the web relating to a complaint of sexual harassment made against him by a female colleague …” (more)

[Barry Roche, Irish Times, 19 May]


One Response to “UCC starts disciplinary action over sexual harassment posts”

  1. Victor Says:

    This matter has become much more serious.

    Evans was given a tap on the wrist, the issue would gone away in 6 months with no impact on his career.

    Instead Evans aver the last 3 days written and flurry of Web texts that defame his employer UCC, defame the claimant Ms Kennedy– today he implies in a Cork paper interview, that she posted the Strictly Confidential UCC documents on the Web– from his FaceBook site? using his passwords?

    That is an insane allegation.

    Read the other allegations he has made against UCC, its Officers, faculty. staff and even his own students. It is crazy!

    The Web is permanent, personal, pervasive and searchable.
    Evans has dug himself a hole that will be his professional grave– yet he keeps on digging. Why?

    We all know ,through the London Times, about Evans bi polar breakdown in 2007– he was given a chance by UCC– and this is what he does?

    Read some of his Web threads in the last 4 days– this is a personal train wreck– but innocent people and UCC need to be protected from collateral damage

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