The week the ‘bat-sex lecturer’ story flew around the world

“An encounter between UCC academics has become a global media story – but is that because of its implications for academic freedom or because we all love a bat-sex story? It was early on a Monday morning in November when Dr Dylan Evans, a behavioural scientist working in the department of medicine at University College Cork, dropped in on a female colleague …” (more)

[Davin O’Dwyer, Irish Times, 22 May]

One Response to “The week the ‘bat-sex lecturer’ story flew around the world”

  1. Victor Says:

    Evans claims to know about Risk Intelligence.

    In Risk Science there is a key rule.——

    ” Never take a bet so big that you can never make a bet again if you loose ”

    This is what Evans has done this week in his posting and allegations on the Web.

    UCC needs to lock Evans out of its IT system and Campus before he does more damage to UCC, its faculty, students and donors.

    Evans created these serious problems for himself in this past week by his allegations and posting on the Web– these are permanent, pervasive, personally trace-able and search-able.

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