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Three out of Four Teacher Unions Vote no – Second and Third level Education Unions Stand Together

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“IFUT votes 68% no — three of four teacher unions have now voted no — IFUT has today reiterated that it will not be bound by majority decision of Public Service unions …” (more)

[Paddy Healy’s Blog, 24 May]

Croke Park Agreement would hasten the Demise of Academic Freedom

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“If we allowed Croke Park Deal to be imposed on us, managerialist developments, undermining of university autonomy, weakening of tenure and academic freedom and destruction of scholarship would be immeasurably accelerated …” (more)

[Paddy Healy’s Blog, 24 May]

The Idea of a University: an Essay in Support of Professor Tom Garvin’s Thesis of Grey Philistines Taking Over Our Universities

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“Professor Tom Garvin’s eloquent and critical essay ‘Grey philistines taking over our universities’ is cogent, timely, and also necessary reading at this critical juncture in Irish higher education. His remarks, which invite widespread discussion and debate, are not only applicable to education at University College Dublin, but for education in the round …” (more)

[Jim McKernan, Paddy Healy’s Blog, 24 May]

IFUT rejects Croke Park proposals by two-to-one majority

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“IFUT today rejected the Croke Park proposals on pay and conditions for public servants. In the ballot, 67.68% of the membership voted ‘No’, while 32.32% voted in favour. IFUT General Secretary, Mike Jennings, said the vote ‘reflects the strong determination of our members not to have their job contracts put forward for binding arbitration’ …” (more)

[IFUT, 24 May]

USI Welcomes Improved Student Grant System

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“The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has welcomed the early announcement of the 2010 student grant schemes and the introduction of an improved grant application system for students. Minister Mary Coughlan outlined details of the student maintenance grant today (May 24), confirming that application forms for the grants will be available earlier for students and will be downloadable from the internet …” (more)

[Irish Press Releases, 24 May]

Corrupting climate science

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Der Spiegel tells the story of how political machination – from left and right – has warped climate science into a mockery of dispassionate knowledge creation. Any analysis of the climate debate that apportions blame by pointing fingers solely at the right or at the left is part of the problem. Any defense of climate scientists that rests on facile evocations of academic freedom is part of the problem …” (more)

[Critical Mass, 24 May]

Andrew Wakefield case highlights the importance of ethics in science

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“Health experts will be hoping that public anxiety about the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) jab will finally go away now that Andrew Wakefield has been struck off the medical register and can no longer call himself a doctor. But Wakefield’s courting of TV, radio and newspapers today, in addition to the petitions, placards and protests of his dedicated supporters, suggest that it is far from over yet …” (more)

[Sarah Boseley, Guardian, 24 May]