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Free college must not be sacrificed

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“I always laugh when an academic in a safe tenured job claims that free college fees are a bad idea, and that ‘more data is needed’ on the issue (Irish Independent, May 25). Oh yes, protect the research budget first and damn the poor, eh? A very high percentage of success in today’s job market relies on the learning and personal skills that a college qualification develops …” (more)

[James Hyde, Independent, 27 May]


Intellectuals against ideas

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“Reading this blog in recent weeks and Elaine Byrne’s piece in Tuesday’s Irish Times, it strikes me that while anti-intellectualism has long been a feature of Irish life, it seems that even the intellectual class in Ireland is hostile to ideas …” (more)

[Dan O’Brien,, 27 May]

Sligo IT developments to increase student numbers

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“Some 100 jobs have been created by the expansion of the IT Sligo campus, it has been announced. Work worth an estimated €10 million is currently being carried out on the institute of technology’s library and technology centre, while a new sports facility is being developed …” (more)

[, 26 May]

High-Profile Trader’s Harsh Critique of For-Profit Colleges

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“Steven Eisman, the Wall Street trader who was mythologized in Michael Lewis’s The Big Short as that rare person who saw the subprime mortgage crisis coming and made a killing as a result, thinks he has seen the next big explosive and exploitative financial industry – for-profit higher education – and he’s making sure as many people as possible know it …” (more)

[Inside Higher Ed, 27 May]

University vice-chancellors’ pay ‘out of step with reality’, says Vince Cable

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“Vince Cable has made an outspoken attack on the pay of vice-chancellors, accusing university leaders of being ‘out of step with reality’. In his first interview on higher education, the Business Secretary said Britain’s senior academics had little sense of the ‘realism and self-sacrifice’ needed to make serious savings in the recession …” (more)

[Graeme Paton, Daily Telegraph, 27 May]

The complexity of academic freedom

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“As pretty much all the world knows, Ireland has recently experienced a major debate about the meaning of academic freedom. The particular context was the claim by University College Cork lecturer Dylan Evans that the university’s decision to discipline him for showing an academic paper on fellatio by fruit bats to a colleagues who had been made to feel uncomfortable by the encounter was an assault on his academic freedom …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 27 May]

Is there any doubt that investment in graduate education works?

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“… Over recent years many have become aware of the national target of doubling the number of PhD graduates as a key element of the Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation. This was an easy number to express the various national investments in research. PhD students are the backbone of research teams and some will become future research leaders. Recent budget cutbacks do threaten the momentum gained by these national investments …” (more)

[Conor O’Carroll, Irish Times, 27 May]