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Council reluctantly adopts student grant scheme

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“The members of Waterford City Council reluctantly voted unanimously to adopt the higher education grants scheme at their monthly meeting last week. Despite supporting the scheme, all the councillors expressed concern about the criteria used in the means test and administration of the grants themselves …” (more)

[Deirdre Dalton, Waterford News and Star, 22 June]

Disappointing Irish results in Science Survey a direct result of Government inaction

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“In response to the publication of the Eurobarometer Survey which found Irish interest and understanding of science to be below the EU average, the Fine Gael Innovation Spokesperson Deirdre Clune TD expressed the hope that this poor result will spur the Government into action …” (more)

[Deirdre Clune TD, 22 June]

Removing Religion from the Classroom

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“Late in April, the Irish Federation of University Teachers, the union represent­ing university lecturers, put forward a pro­posal for the removal of compulsory religion courses from teacher training colleges. The aim of the proposal is to abolish religious courses in teacher training, replacing it with an ethics module, leaving religious modules optional for student teachers …” (more)

[Stephen O’Rowe, Look Left, 22 June]

Survey Questions Impact of University Rankings

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“Despite the oft-touted importance of rankings on a university’s reputation, they may not influence national reputation as much as some institutions have thought. A new survey of 49 of the top-ranked 137 universities found that those institutions noticed little or no impact on their reputation within their home countries from either a rise or a fall in the rankings …” (more)

[David L Wheeler, Chronicle of Higher Education, 22 June]

Lecturers vote to strike over Glasgow University job cuts

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“Glasgow University staff have voted to take industrial action over job cuts. Up to 85 university posts in teacher education, biomedical and life sciences and archaeology research are under threat …” (more)

[BBC News, 22 June]

Gray litigation against UWA unnecessary, court rules

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“Litigation that destroyed the assumption of universities that they automatically owned the inventions of their academics need never have happened, a Federal Court judge has ruled. The University of Western Australia has been saddled with millions of dollars in costs after it spent five years unsuccessfully pursuing former surgery professor and inventor Bruce Gray to the highest court in the land …” (more)

[Bernard Lane, The Australian, 23 June]

In search of a higher education strategy

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“… In fact Colin Hunt spoke at the conference held in DCU last week, and in his address (in which he emphasised that he was not presenting an early précis of the report but was speaking on his own behalf) he raised a number of issues …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 22 June]

Taught postgraduates commend teaching but want more feedback

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“Postgraduate students have praised the quality of teaching they receive, but many remain unsatisfied with the feedback they are given about their work. A total of 32,638 students responded to the Higher Education Academy’s second Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) …” (more)

[Rebecca Attwood, Times Higher Education, 22 June]

Report to support return of tuition fees

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“A landmark report on higher education is set to back the return of student tuition charges as colleges face unprecedented financial pressures. The recommendation from the Hunt report will put the issue of student fees back on the agenda – even though the Green Party vetoed any change to the free fees scheme in the revised programme for Government …” (more)

[Sean Flynn, Irish Times, 22 June]

Scientists Release Songs Made By the Sun

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“… Scientists at Sheffield University in the UK have just released what amounts to a recording of what you would hear if you could stand inside the solar corona – the upper layer of the sun’s atmosphere – and it turns out what you’d hear is music. The simple symphony that fills the corona is not only beautiful, but could also could yield new insights into how the sun itself operates …” (more)

[Jeffrey Kluger, Time, 21 June]

Study shows allegedly pernicious effects of grade inflation

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“Responding to a recent study suggesting that demanding teachers receive lower student evaluations, this follow-up article in the Chronicle of Higher Education references a study purportedly showing a steady decline in the number of hours college students devote to their studies while average GPA’s have simultaneously risen …” (more)

[Adjunct Law Prof Blog, 21 June]