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Ryan seed fund to boost budding tech firms

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“A new €1 million seed venture fund for technology start-up companies is to be announced by Dublin City University’s Ryan Academy this week. The fund is being financed by the charity One Foundation, which is funded by businessman Declan Ryan, son of Ryanair founder Tony Ryan …” (more)

[Martha Kearns, Sunday Business Post, 11 July]

Scientometrics 2.0: Toward new metrics of scholarly impact on the social Web

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Abstract: The growing flood of scholarly literature is exposing the weaknesses of current, citation-based methods of evaluating and filtering articles. A novel and promising approach is to examine the use and citation of articles in a new forum: Web 2.0 services like social bookmarking and microblogging. Metrics based on this data could build a ‘Scientometics 2.0’, supporting richer and more timely pictures of articles’ impact. This paper develops the most comprehensive list of these services to date …” (more)

[HT: Garret McMahon]
[Jason Priem and Bradley M Hemminger, First Monday, 5 July]

Presentation by Phil Baty

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“A presentation by Phil Baty of Times Higher Education at the ISTIC meeting in Beijing reviewed the background of the now defunct THES-QS World University Rankings and the rationale for the development of a new ranking system …” (more)

[University Ranking Watch, 8 July]

Talented cephalopod

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“Paul the octopus has been selecting which manuscripts go out for review at Nature for months now.” (tweet)

[Noah Gray, Twitter, 11 July]

Stanford University confronts the graying of academia

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“Many workers yearn for retirement – the goodbye parties, the golf course, maybe even a gold watch. But Stanford University has the opposite problem: Nobody wants to leave …” (more)

[HT: Jonathan Eisen]
[Lisa M Krieger, San Jose Mercury News, 7 July]

Ireland Cuts Back on PhD and Postdoc Support

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“Ireland is to shed nearly 1000 PhD and postdoctoral posts in 2010 and 2011 as a result of severe government budget cuts. This runs counter to the government’s stated policy of doubling the number of people who have PhDs. Cuts in funding to Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the public body responsible for investment in scientific and engineering research, has forced it to reduce the numbers of doctoral and postdoc researchers it supports by 950 by the end of next year …” (more)

[Sean Duke, Science Insider, 9 July]

8 Theories on Why College Kids Are Studying Less

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“College students today are spending less time studying than they did in the past, according to a recent report. The University of California study finds that the average student at a four-year college in 1961 studied about 24 hours a week. Today’s average student hits the books for just 14 hours. That downward trend has been consistent across all kinds of schools, majors, and students. But why is this happening? …” (more)

[Max Fisher, The Atlantic Wire, 6 July]