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Vince Cable & the future of higher education

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“Business Secretary, Vince Cable, made a speech this morning about the future of higher education. He has discussed a graduate tax, 2-year degrees, and various measures that can cut costs, but retain high standards.Would sweeping changes like 2-year degrees make a big difference? Maybe. Can ‘higher education’ as a wide collective term be expected to embrace such ideas without problem? No …” (more)

[The University Blog, 15 July]


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“Vince Cable’s proposal for a graduate tax is prominently discussed in the news. Cable proposes a graduate tax which would make repayments of student funding dependent on earnings. Partly, this is already the case: student loan repayments only start after a minimum earnings threshold has been reached. A graduate tax could vary more finely with the salary but, more importantly, it would probably not end after the original fees have been repaid …” (more)

[The Ranting Kraut, 15 July]

Class Spectrometry

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“… Degrees are magnificent instruments for the measurement of status. They cannot easily be faked. They require some level of intelligence, conveniently quantified by the final grade. They require persistence of effort over years. Even in a land of free fees, they cost money, both directly, and in income foregone. This gives a good indication that the holders parents have at least some money. Successfully getting into college implies a family stable enough to get the graduate out to school for some years prior …” (more)

[Robert Cosgrave, Tertiary21, 15 July]

Elite universities are better for students? I don’t think so

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“Malcolm Grant – who runs UCL, the ‘fourth best university in the world’ – says elite universities must be protected from funding cuts, even if that means others are forced to close. The argument is this: prestigious universities, such as those in the Russell Group, provide the best experience for students because their teaching is based on the quality of their research …” (more)

[Guardian, 15 July]

Cable sets out radical plans for academy’s future

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“Vince Cable has opened the door to radical changes in the structure and funding of UK higher education in a landscape of reduced public investment, with potential innovations including bigger graduate contributions for high earners, the end of the distinction between further and higher education, state money for private providers and cash to reward teaching excellence …” (more)

[John Morgan, Times Higher Education, 15 July]

Over 1,000 college jobs may go in cuts

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“More than 1,100 jobs in colleges will be lost by the end of this year because of Government cuts. New Higher Education Authority (HEA) figures reveal the full scale of job losses since the Employment Control Framework began in December 2008 …” (more)

[Seán Flynn, Irish Times, 15 July]

Promoting universities

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“If you follow the media reports, Trinity College Dublin has got itself into a spot of bother because of its decision to complete the process whereby 27 academics have been promoted to Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor. The current Employment Control Framework, which is to run until December of this year, purports to prohibit promotions of any kind …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 15 July]