If student fees rise, so should student grants

“The issue of university fees ought not to be determined in isolation from student grants …” (more)

[Gerald Morgan, Irish Examiner, 5 November]

One Response to “If student fees rise, so should student grants”

  1. Everyone is giving out the student fees some are say they should be raised other say they shouldn’t. In the current economic situation paying the fees can’t no longer be paid by our “government” what is the answer, as a recent graduate myself I can understand the anger by student I myself couldn’t afford to go to college paying fees, if I had taken a loan to pay for my education there are currently very little employment opportunities so the loan couldn’t be paid. The introduce of fee will affect everyone, we all have family member who currently have the option of going into further education, there is no easy answer to the fees issue, the only compromise I can come to is for the student who wish to receive the fees from the government will have to work in the public service for two year in their studied discipline after they have graduated for a similar wage as the unemployment benefit , this will give the Student their free education and valuable work experience and saving the government money as well as making our public service more efficient . This is only one idea but I feel that it is a compromise. The government need to start to think outside of the box.

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