Teacher’s pet

“Mary Coughlan, her secretary general Brigid McManus and a small coterie of senior officials have been burning the midnight oil at the Department of Education as they cast around for those cutbacks. The shape of the cuts is becoming clearer. They will probably include: fees/charges of about €2,200 at third level …” (more)

[Irish Times, 16 November]

One Response to “Teacher’s pet”

  1. Why anyone thinks Sean Flynn is a credible source of information about anything is beyond me. Most hilarious in this week’s Teacher’s Pet: he apparently is the only person left in Ireland who thinks that the UCD Gateway Project will ever be built. Never mind the utter non sequitur of this sentence:

    “Despite the downturn and those mounting debts, the mood seems reasonably good at UCD where (unusually) there are plenty of cranes on the skyline.”

    For those following at home, cranes on the skyline=good times. Where have I heard that before?

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