Bad, Conor

“So the word ‘Universities’ occurs only twice in the #4yearplan, is that good or bad?” (tweet)

[Conor Houghton, Twitter, 24 November]


2 Responses to “Bad, Conor”

  1. Oh Steven I don’t know: whoever gets mentioned here gets cut…

  2. Yes indeed, this blog is nothing but a river of bile against individuals … What a pity there is no official award for ‘Rudest Blog in Ireland’, for I would surely win it!! But more seriously, Ferdinand, comment on individual items here is usually superfluous, but the occasional cases where I take a different view don’t reveal a pattern of attacking individuals. And I’m sorry we disagree about an earlier post of yours, but that is a disagreement about substance, not to be confused with an argument about who is “cutting” whom.

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