Evans wins High Court battle

“Dylan Evans, the UCC lecturer at the center of the ‘fruitbatgate’ scandal, has won his High Court battle against UCC over penalties imposed on him by the college for showing a colleague an academic article about the sex lives of fruit bats …” (more)

[Cork Student News, 1 December]

2 Responses to “Evans wins High Court battle”

  1. In what way did Evans “win” the case? The court asked (not ordered) UCC to reduce the penalty for the offence of sexual harassment. The judge confirmed that Evans is a sexual harasser (at the lower end of the scale) and suggested that he is a bit stupid because he could not understand that he had been found guilty.

    Evans seems incapable of understanding sexual harassment, and will never accept that he has done anything wrong, no matter how many people tell him.

  2. Court upholds findings of ‘fruitbatgate’ investigation

    3 December 2010
    By Hannah Fearn

    The Irish High Court has ruled that the findings of an investigation by University College Cork into the academic at the centre of the “fruitbatgate” affair should stand.


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