Publishing an open access book?

“… But why publish with a publisher? Why not simply put the book open access on the web? I wonder whether an open access book would be (a) feasible, and (b) all things considered a good thing to do …” (more)

[Ingrid Robeyns, Crooked Timber, 4 February]


One Response to “Publishing an open access book?”

  1. Many things to think about in OA. As in many cases, the area of philanthropy is guided by the “haves” rather than the “have-nots”. As you stated you have a job, some security, and recognition. This can influence in part whether or not the need is present for you to solicit a publisher. Similarly those authors whose works are already highly regarded may help lead the charge for complete OA. As many others have already stated, this can be hard for the obscure author regardless of the magnitude of his or her work.

    The potential does exist in the non publisher domain that well known authors and scientists will offer their time and energies to the work of OA by recognizing the merit of these less known authors. This would be a very noble work indeed!

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