Jane Ohlmeyer’s nomination for Provost

“… If women had been at the head of the Army of Flanders, things would probably have not gone wrong. After all, why should you lead an army any differently than a household? There is no time to lose and you might as well save some money here and there. The same holds true for leading a university the size of Trinity College …” (more)

[A Trinity Tale, 8 February]


2 Responses to “Jane Ohlmeyer’s nomination for Provost”

  1. Jane delivered a jolly hockey-sticks romp through revisionism in Berkeley some years ago, funded at British studies there by the Irish taxpayer. There was a walk-out, and a boycott; after a question the Dail, it looks like the Irish state has disowned Jane;


    You’re right; the link doesn’t work

  2. The link was accessible from the site;


    We Bay area Irish will be very happy if Jane NEVER returns

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