Professor Philip Nolan Appointed President of NUI Maynooth

“The Governing Authority of NUI Maynooth today confirmed the appointment of Professor Philip Nolan as President of the University. He will take up the position on 15th August 2011 …” (more)

[NUI Maynooth Communications Office, 16 February]

2 Responses to “Professor Philip Nolan Appointed President of NUI Maynooth”

  1. Good god, we’re in the inverted world. Up is down, light is dark, failure is success. Onward and upward is backward and downward.

  2. Calamity James Says:

    Belfield academics are gobsmacked. It’s not like it was a secret just how bad things have got out there in Ireland’s education capital. This is like finding out that the Irish Central Bank has appointed Seanie to a top regulation role, before anyone else could snap him up… During its current Registrar’s tenure, UCD has plummeted into bankruptcy, demoralisation, asphyxiation by bureaucracy. And that’s just the staff experience. The students arrive to find they’ve signed up for a modular supermarket.They’d need an academic GPS to make sense of the insane Horizons circus which is the Registrar’s personal project. The press releases from Baroness O’Loan and Dr Brady are well worth a read: not even a dervish could spin like that.

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