Fine Gael’s stance on Stem Cell research

“This has been floating around Twitter, someone on sent FG an email asking them about a few social issues and got this response …” (discussion thread)

[, 17 February]


2 Responses to “Fine Gael’s stance on Stem Cell research”

  1. Dara O'Riordan Says:

    Very misinformed policy…..will handicap medical research sector even more than it is already. Does FG realise embryonic cell lines are already widely used in Irish research laboratories? It appears not and what will happen when they are in government?
    Human embryonic stem cells have much greater developmental potential than adult stem cells. This means that embryonic stem cells may be pluripotent—that is, able to give rise to cells found in all tissues of the embryo except for germ cells rather than being merely multipotent—restricted to specific subpopulations of cell types, as adult stem cells are.
    Plus embryonic stem cells are now essential controls for many areas of human disease centred research…..neuroscience, diabetes research, drug screening.
    This fundamentalist anti-patient and anti-science stance policy might be good a sound bite, but if this position is actually adopted it will have a very distructive effect on Irish science and medicine……

  2. Dara O'Riordan Says:

    Irish election raises questions for stem cell research

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