250,000 pageviews for 9th Level Ireland

Today (Monday 14 March) the total number of pageviews at 9th Level Ireland passed the quarter-of-a-million mark. The blog has been running since 25 August 2008.


Top posts in 2011

Academic Freedom and Tenure: Necessary Rights for Irish Academics

All Too Clear? – IUA Statement of Clarification on the Croke Park agreement

Call for Academic Gathering To Defend Academic Freedom

Factory Farms for the Mind

Hunt Report: draft available

NUIG Pres calls for ends of rag weeks after girls go on naked rampage

Personal Statement on the Employment Control Framework

Programme for Government 2011-2016 – implications for 3rd level education

Report on the Academic Gathering, from Paddy Healy

Students quizzed over Trinity ski trip chaos


Most visited pages in 2011

Blogs and discussion

Case law



Provostial election

University rankings


The Blogmeister


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